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Polluters in Miami, Florida
110th Avenue Investments, Inc.4410,080.00
58th St Lf (Main County Lf)28281,863.46
Aerothrust Corp4623,217.25
Apache Products Company000.00
Ashland Distribution Co.7143,495.00
Atlantic Recycling Company2828118.61
Automated Plastics Group Inc.11680.00
Bertram Yacht, Inc3964,240.00
Bon Vivant Corp.119,900.00
Brain Power Inc.1210.00
Braman Cadillac, Inc.1110,540.00
Bridgestone Aircraft Tire (Usa),Inc.3331,360.00
Camilo Muebles122766,094.00
Caribbean Fiberglass Products3544,640.00
Cordis Corp.3311,420.00
Dade Co. Rrf299847,138.39
Dm Industries, Ltd22281,504.00
Dyno Nobel Inc.115.00
Eastern Aero Marine, Inc.6616,068.80
Edron Fixture Corp.154,600.00
Electrostatic Painting Services Holding561,045.71
Empire Art Products Inc1221,320.00
Flexible Foam Products Inc.6105,934.00
Florida Power & Light (Pcu)3979797,601.18
Flowers Baking Company Of Miami, Llc.62299,818.37
Fpt Florida Llc112,000.00
Ge Engine Services-Miami, Inc.46117,286.00
General Asphalt Co., Inc.61057,846.19
General Asphalt Co., Inc.612183,270.82
Greyhound Lines Inc.11808.00
H & J Asphalt, Inc.52595,107.90
Hoover Industries, Inc.12276.00
Interstate Brands Corp.61199,440.00
Jackson Memorial Hospital73870,720.46
Knight Ridder, Inc.5817,360.00
Mercy Hospital11147,786.86
Miami Dade Aviation Dept61825,900.00
Miami Dade Medical Examiner44380.00
Miami Dade Rrf146616,887,851.53
Miami Dade Solid Waste Mgmt/55616,861.99
Miami Dade Water And Sewer Dept538511,989.62
Miami Dade Water And Sewer Dept542392,471.31
Miami Internation Airport88269,718.00
Miami-Dade Solid Waste Management57289,728.00
Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Dept643868,751.94
Nailite International37514,460.01
North Dade County Class Iii Trash2828588.00
North Dade County Landfill Class I & Iii282845,491.38
Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.71110,026.52
Pan American Construction-Apac Florida71493,401.70
Pavex Corp Dba Ranger Construction South61259,492.36
Perko Inc.1210.00
Pompeii Furniture225,660.00
Port Consolidated Inc.245.00
Purity Prods. Inc.11250.00
Quikrete Miami593,682.04
Remcraft Lighting Products115,220.00
Rinker Materials Corporation.171915,460,179.29
Rinker Materials Of Florida610150,700.00
Rinker Materials Of Florida, Inc.517186,137.29
Rinker Materials Of Florida, Inc.2687,420.00
Seastrike Boats (Vip Marine Industries)125,460.00
Sentry Inds. Inc.125.00
Sherry Mfg.Co.,Inc3321,760.00
Sixto Packaging1118,500.00
Sonic Aviation2231,620.00
Southern Die Casting Corp113,000.00
St. Ives Avanti14128,306.20
W & W Holding Corp1111,800.00
White Rock Quarries24193,396.05
Whitecraft Rattan, Inc.129,280.00
William Lehman Buick-Saab1113,600.00
Young Oil Company, Inc.117,900.00