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Polluters in Jacksonville, Florida
Adcom Wire Co.1124.27
Amerada Hess Corporation1096149,280.46
Anchor Glass Container Corporation22563,230,309.87
Anheuser Busch, Inc. Jacksonville39270543,982.57
Apac- Southeast, Inc.273458,681.93
Apac-Southeast, Inc.273444,216.99
Atlantic Coast Asphalt2889148,894.13
Atlantic Coast Asphalt, Inc.267173,261.23
Atlantic Dry Dock Corporation2670163,994.38
Bacardi Bottling Corporation185514,859.42
Baptist Medical Center27174706,214.51
Bfs Diversified Products, Llc3456,532.00
Blount Island Command, Us Marine Corps92160,590.40
Bp Products North America, Inc.95320,288.71
Bp Products North America, Inc.810447,753.08
Bpb Manufacturing, Inc.2282184,066.57
Brand Label, Inc.57155,228.00
Canam Steel Corporation12268,499.99
Caterpillar Inc.3149,609.64
Cedar Bay Cogeneration Inc.623179,212,716.11
Chancey Metal Products, Inc.3346,113.89
Chevron Products Company1410855,611.70
City Of Jacksonville (North Landfill)222399,189.87
City Of Jacksonville(Girvin Rd Landfill)2636101,346.49
Coastal Fuels Marketing, Inc.251061,147.82
Crowley American Transport, Mcgiffen Dock.7717.77
Department Of The Navy6899,525.93
Diversified Container Services, Inc.3559,244.00
Dura Automotive Systems, Inc.5517,894.40
Duval Asphalt Products283181,333.97
Duval Asphalt Products, Inc.283755,344.52
East Duval Slf (Greenfield Creek)28287,479.56
Exact Inc.14234,446.19
F M C Corp820284.59
Flightstar Aircraft Services, Inc.4610,711.71
Florida Custom Marble Inc.1210,068.00
Flowers Bakery2250165,033.39
Fruit Growers Express Company8139,410.60
Goodrich Corporation184328,993.31
Hot Box1221,894.00
Iff Chemical Holdings, Inc.25971,387,990.43
Interstate Brands Corporation151613,476.00
Jacksonville Port Authority, Blount Island Marine 8842.62
Jacksonville Port Authority, Blount Island Marine 8885.23
Jacksonville Port Authority, Blount Island Marine 8842.62
Jax Se Regional S / W Disposal Facil28281,792.84
Jaxson Brown, Inc.232358,966.53
Jci Jones Chemicals Inc.123.00
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation212441,384.39
Jet Turbine Service, Inc. (Jts)5510,005.51
Johns Manville Jacksonville000.00
Jones Road Landfill & Recycling Inc282835,544.35
Kraft Foods, Maxwell House Coffee24302256,756.02
Medtronic Xomed110.00
Metal Container Corporation2553262,231.58
Metalplate Galvanizing L.P.11125.00
Millennium Specialty Chemicals251172,067,134.37
North Florida Shipyards, Inc.352,713.80
Petroleum Fuel & Terminal Company136013,670.41
Reichhold, Inc.247223,306.36
Revlon Professional Prods.12255.00
Rex Corporation1140,800.00
Royal Foam Enterprises, Inc.1172,720.00
Sandler Rd Slf282828,789.27
Smurfit Stone Container Corporation242968,789.19
Southern Pavements, Llc232743,549.26
St Vincents Medical Center316716,975.85
Stetson Road Landfill282842,822.31
Stone Container Corp.1222,456.00
Stone Container Corporation2581182,793.37
Sunbeam Rd Slf (Renewal)2828945.26
Support Terminal Operating Partnershiplp19104196,422.91
Swisher International, Inc.4934,202.00
Tire Center, Llc3311,600.00
Transflo Terminal Services, Inc.33860.00
Trend Offset Printing Services, Inc.184223,015.17
Trinity / Hammond Lf282832,089.92
Ttx Company7710,207.02
U S Naval Station Mayport28224192,671.41
U.S. Navy Naval Air Station Jacksonville6107,031.10
Underground Utility Contractors, Inc.8853,756.00
Unison Industries-Limited Partnership4515,646.00
United States Gypsum Co.23195606,610.76
United States Navy44378544,777.42
Univar Usa Inc. Jacksonville Facility481,350.00
Us Ink, A Division Of Sun Chemical Corp.2316,114.00