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Polluters in Gainesville, Florida
City Of Gainesville, Gru8421824,200,880.10
Gainesville Regional Utilities21281,873,294.70
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.1832462,462.59
Metal Container Corp12359,480.00
Clariant Life Science Molecules (Florida1212132,416.20
Escalade Sports243392,446.30
V. E. Whitehurst & Sons, Inc.61446,924.38
Southeast Landfill (Renfroe)282811,501.44
Mirage Mfg. Co. Inc.114,680.00
N. Fla/South Ga Veterans Health System11181,890.02
Alachua County Ne Auxillary L / F2828248.32
Northeast Alachua Slf2828234.54
University Of Florida Lf2828183.88
Koppers Inc.12120.30
Florence Lf Recycling Center2828103.15
O'Steen Brothers C&D Landfill / Sr 24282895.22