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Polluters in Clearwater, Florida
126th Avenue Class Iii Landfill2828290.38
Aar Manufacturing, Inc.91020,135.41
Allen Industries, Inc.2512,957.68
Apac- Southeast, Inc. -Central Fl. Div161842,218.09
Bay Linen, Inc.7144,305.53
Big C Steel, Inc.113,820.00
Brenntag Mid-South Inc.115.00
Carpenter Technology Corporation331,109.30
City Of Largo - Wwtp81211,720.65
Cooper Coating Company, Llc.101348,936.64
Dyco Paints, Inc. (Maxie E. Quinn)6649,053.04
Endeavour Catamaran Corporation3718,652.88
Eva-Tone, Inc.72132,609.50
Graves Spray Supply12500.00
Gsp Marketing Technologies, Inc.56165,517.40
Honeywell International4613,451.97
Instrument Transformers Inc.120.16
Medico Environmental Services, Inc.111150,722.08
Metal Culverts, Inc.673,681.42
Metal Industries, Inc.111,402.70
Morton Plant Mease Health Care73567,132.91
Quality Acrylic Baths Of Clearwater, In.4819,711.22
Sonny Glasbrenner, Inc.7115,357.62
Trader Publishing Company6917,068.93
Tse Industries, Inc.2328,300.00
Twc Of Florida, Inc.2281,320.01
United Steel Works, Inc.126,344.00