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Column information
Polluters in Newark, Delaware
Astropower Inc. Solar Park12255.00
Christiana Care - Christiana Hospital82479308,626.14
Chrome Deposit Corporation120.08
Daimlerchrysler Corporation989221,803,286.41
Dupont Stine - Haskell Laboratory86655378,853.70
E-A-R Specialty Composites S B U Aearo93618,680.27
Fmc Biopolymer4339847,520.67
Fp International Inc435256,714.82
Ge Energy (Usa) Llc51528,765.80
Rodel Technical Center000.00
Rohm & Haas Electronic Materials Cmp Te58445100,170.80
The Pond Ice Arena110.00
University Of Delaware Newark53778118,909.75
Vp Racing Fuels114.00
W. L. Gore & Associates Inc. Otts Chapel Site110.34
Westvaco Corporation579424,374.33