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Polluters in Greeley, Colorado
Lafarge West, Inc. - 35th Ave Plant1222269,549.97
City Of Greeley Water Pollut Control Fac9916,422.24
Northern Co Medical Ctr832143,575.80
Thermo Power & Elec Inc8151,315,784.99
Waste Mgmt Disposal Services Of Co, Inc.778,078.27
Swift Beef Company744250,707.82
Thermo Greeley Inc77527,619.00
Western Sugar Co714659,010.99
Northern Co Crematory Inc6183,994.46
Meadow Gold Dairy6628,896.00
Hewlett Packard6121,319.00
Platte Chemical Co613717.58
Univ Of Northern Colorado6188,171.10
Farr Feeders Inc6101,016,690.20
Greeley Elec Svc Inc55236.50
Rr Donnelley Norwest Inc48127,220.00
Greeley Police Department440.28
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #762133384,022.02
Prima Oil & Gas Co - 056701-Nene-Batt3372,178.12
Prima Oil & Gas Co - 056504-Swse-Batt3396,144.60
Merit Energy Company - Hall 2833105,884.31
Patina Shannon 14-2 & 33373,097.77
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #762163368,485.61
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #7621933102,484.57
Kendall Printing Co31323,755.21
Varra Companies317375,990.42
Aggregate Industries -West Central Reg.36112,950.70
Precision Auto Body Repair & Refinishing3711,238.16
Agland, Inc.332,460.00
Plastics Art Products3515,872.73
Loveland Industries3319,386.22
Weld Cnty Road & Bridge Geisert Pit2436,140.00
Camas Colorado, Inc. - Aggregates Div.24181,369.90
Ye Olde Strippe Shoppe231,454.77
Precision Cast Structures22108.34
Russell Furniture294,992.92
Regal Fiberglass Inc246,620.57
Aggregate Industries - Wcr, Inc. -E. 8th2478,400.00
Greeley Daily Tribune2728,289.43
Rex Oil Co Inc Dba Greeco Oil Co2236,803.41
K & G Store2815,274.25
Diamond Shamrock #6402810,808.83
Refinishing Touch26743.50
Diamond Shamrock #6412825,319.62
Hi Tech Auto Body279,540.26
Safeway Inc.21031,109.00
Merit Energy Company - Payne/Rusty2242,311.03
Patina Drake 8-15h62233,253.25
Patina Uprc 7-4h6 & 5h62232,580.78
Patina Moen 8-7h62253,949.04
Patina O&G State 4thru5-362249,145.64
Patina Drake 8-13h62245,577.40
Patina Commerce Center 20-1 & 2h52244,767.69
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #762102255,554.75
Prima Oil & Gas Co - 056607-Nwne-Batt2232,498.43
Dillon Companies Dba King Soopers21044,698.62
Petroleum Management Llc2822,935.07
Petroleum Management Llc2811,520.65
Silver State Plastics Inc24141,520.10
Recuperos, L.L.C.285,653.92
Agland, Inc.2419,721.94
Rex Oil Co Inc2812,235.12
Cox Oil Co2624,600.75
Offen Petroleum2830,254.55
Conoco Car Care Center223,870.02
Recuperos, L.L.C.284,466.54
Prima Oil & Gas Co - 056701-Sesw-Batt2243,532.53
Prima Oil & Gas Co - 056712-C_sw-Batt2237,329.28
Prima Oil & Gas Co - 056711-Nene-Batt2264,255.77
Sav O Mat2844,641.81
Cox Oil Co2528,766.46
Mackenzie Manufacturing2217,592.60
Southland 7 11 No 18724289,200.35
Peerless Tyre Co Inc No 8192811,439.20
Peerless Tyre Co Inc No 8202823,324.96
University Amoco2813,150.64
Southland 7 11 No 23519288,975.11
Southland 7 11 No 25684287,336.33
Daniel Buxman223,300.00
Camas Colorado Inc/Bestway Paving227,011.94
Lafarge West, Inc. - Greeley West Pit22216,160.00
Bucklen Equipment Co2240,171.27
Andersen'S Sales & Salvage Inc2266,603.00
Bestway Concrete Co Firestien Pit2432,396.25
Sav O Mat2821,737.42
Agland, Inc.21014,174.53
16th Street Texaco224,080.00
Willies Grain Inc2216.20
Weld County Public Works2260,000.00
Arctic Insulation Inc2233,483.20
Merit Energy Company - Landau1114,042.48
Matrix Energy, Llc - Wsc 12-91114,042.48
Merit Energy Company - Leffler1120,412.97
Freeman Clnrs117,884.00
Bennett'S Cleaners1111,700.00
Patina Commerce Center 20-7h51110,699.68
Merit Energy Company - Schneider 11117,645.57
Patina Brown Davee 2-34&3-341127,564.40
Merit Energy Company - Shannon1120,810.27
Patina Ariel J 7-11,121121,604.90
New Idea Clnrs111,634.18
Unitog Rental Svcs12138.00
Ventex, Llc1158.00
Patina Lesser Pm J 21-1 & 21122,235.10
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #850011120,152.70
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #626951124,440.76
Prima Oil & Gas Co - 056715-Sene-Batt1112,193.00
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #762001117,412.70
Pioneer Press Of Greeley153,136.83
Patina Gilbert 1,2,3,41111,357.28