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Polluters in Grand Junction, Colorado
Abc Industries Inc (Was Peabody Abc)3554,134.57
Albertsons, Inc. - Express #8972847,158.92
Bj Services Co244,230.00
Bold Petroleum Inc274,978.93
Bookcliff Gas & Grocery2810,807.25
C&F Food Store 12815,591.18
C&F Food Store 22816,135.76
C&F Food Store 42814,481.84
C&F Food Store 92814,340.66
Cactus Coatings Inc4612,282.37
Callahan Edfast Mortuary55294.32
Callahan Edfast Mortuary/Crematory55356.00
Canyon Convenience Inc 1283,379.72
Carlson Memorials2221.60
Castings Inc222,279.00
Community Hospital22170.00
Conocophillips Company - Gj Rail Termina91233,650.00
Coorstek Grand Junction862319,069.29
Cr Brown Oil Co Go Fer Foods 1 St2108,098.02
Cr Brown Oil Co Go Fer Foods 18 St210831.28
Cr Brown Oil, Dba Go Fer Foods 202107,755.35
Dillon Companies Dba City Market Inc2823,290.64
Dillon Companies Dba City Market, Inc21025,083.62
Dillon Companies Dba City Market, Inc.21052,190.70
Downtown Conoco3109,570.72
Earthgrains Baking Co - Holsum Bakery1258,693.23
Ed Bozarth Chevrolet Buick Pontaic Inc4156,266.31
Elam Const Inc Mule Farm G Pit2471,160.00
Ephemeral Resources, Llc.2483,760.00
Feather Petroleum Co21039,653.98
Five Lights Pet Crematory66542.27
Fosroc Inc Celtite Div446,852.27
Ge American Communications Inc61217,495.00
Grand Cleaners11726.30
Grand Junction Concrete Pipe / Ready Mix2817,560.30
Grand Junction Mesa Co Persigo Wwtp61919,077.00
Grand Junction Partnership, Llc C/O Wals221,986.80
Grand Junction Pipe & Supply Co2460,180.00
Grand Junction Pipe & Supply Co2236,400.00
Grand Junction Steel1125130,440.32
Grand Valley Oil & Fuel, Div. Of Trevco269,728.82
Holiday Dry Cleaners11726.30
Jim Dible Oil Co2212,948.29
Jim Fuoco Motor Co11638.40
Jobsite Inc333.90
Kc Asphalt, Llc Dba Koch Perf Asph Co63639,943.00
Kolonel Inc Dba Osburn & Sons91610,999.39
Leitner-Poma Of America, Inc.51321,591.11
Loco F S 112825,555.01
Loco F S 122813,533.87
Loco Fs 142816,196.27
Loco Fs 152819,887.32
Loco Fs 162813,152.10
Loco Fs 53288,834.33
Luxury Wheels Oe Plating Co110.07
Maaco Auto Painting - Fgts Inc.31023,568.37
Martin Mortuary55443.00
Mesa County Orchard Mesa Landfill2224,120.00
Monument Oil Co2810,721.97
Monument Oil Co C&F Foods 3286,444.62
Mountain Region Corp Orchard Mesa Aggrg2412,700.00
North Ave Cleaners11726.30
Oldcastle Sw Group Dba United Co Of Mesa2213,720.00
Oldcastle Sw Group Dba United Co Of Mesa2453,681.25
Oldcastle Sw Group Dba United Co Of Mesa2684,402.78
Orchard Mesa Solid Waste Disposal Site282818,990.54
Parkerson Const Co2262,790.00
Parkerson Const Co Devires Pit229,379.69
Perri'S Collision Repair & Refinishing,114,920.04
Petro Lock6102,840.09
Petro-Mark Corp (Valley Grocery)283,096.05
Quikrete Grand Junction2146,960.12
Reynolds Polymer Technology Inc2210,748.00
Rocky Mountain Electric Motors L C66255.00
Roice-Hurst Humane Society55804.40
Rudy Fontanari Dirt Bluffs Removal & Hau2439,736.08
Safeway Inc.2746,126.03
Sartomer Company Grand Junction112360,882.90
St Marys Hosp63016,152.90
Stop N Save21019,730.62
Stop N Save289,529.40
Stop N Save288,121.81
Stop N Save284,626.69
Super Mart Convenience Stores #543286,772.55
Super Mart Convenience Stores #5442814,084.35
Super Mart Convenience Stores #5452714,169.27
Super Mart Convenience Stores #546284,859.99
Supermart Convenience Stores #5392811,940.46
Taber Body Paint & Frame475,808.24
Tbi Production Inc Hudson #1 Site91051,718.57
Tea-Lar Inc Dba Best Tops Inc4427,159.40
Total Petroleum Inc 411521014,288.86
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #41162917,769.50
Tpi Petroleum, Inc. - Grand Junction Ter102049,769.86
U.S. Dept Of Energy - Gj Office5646,889.80
U.S. Veterans Affairs Medical Center6415,961.44
Village Cleaners Of Grand Junction Inc11403.50
Weatherford U.S. L.P.106311,582.08
West Star Aviation21911,091.69
West Star Aviation - Walker Field Airpor557,191.66
West Star Aviation Inc - Walker Field7745,000.00
Western Filament Inc7791,321.00
Whitewater Building Mat Corp Pit 51222148,767.20
Whitewater Building Mat Corp Pot 50022207,092.32
Whitewater Building Materials2419,000.00
Zz Inc Horizon Dr Std & Zarlingo2820,147.34