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Polluters in Fort Collins, Colorado
7-Eleven #322762827,757.33
Abb Robotics Inc13216.49
Ac Specialists Dba Specialty Auto Body1110,000.00
Aggregate Industries - Wcr, Inc.2420,840.00
Aggregate Industries - Wcr, Inc.21016,147.26
Agilent Technologies1269419,061.80
Albertsons, Inc2847,318.40
Amoco Gas Sta No 54012811,789.73
Anheuser Busch Inc6541,288,584.32
Apple Annie'S Washouse11484.20
Blue Ribbon Cleaners11242.10
Bohlender Funeral Chapel55169.67
Camelot Cleaners - Lemay Ave111,149.98
Cbw Automation115,760.07
Cedarwood Enterprises Llc111,681.25
Celestica Corporation - Tech Parkway5750,204.00
City Of Fort Collins Fleet Services2103,908.92
City Of Fort Collins Streets Dept6141,957.26
City Of Fort Collins Water Reclamation228,168.70
Colorado Iron & Metal Inc11200.00
Colorado State Univ Csu Facility Svcs631303,119.92
Connell Resources, Inc.810230,290.13
Cooper Auto Body3311,916.95
Country Clean113,060.00
Crossland Cabinetry Inc61254,708.35
Dellenbach Motors265,857.81
Diamond Shamrock #11002816,610.42
Diamond Shamrock #11522826,367.59
Diamond Shamrock #6422817,329.33
Diamond Shamrock #6712814,304.87
Diamond Shamrock #91582823,990.31
Don Kehn Construction Inc919419,275.71
Fiberon Inc225,200.00
Foothills Square6640.80
G & S Sevices Co Dba Fossil Creek Conoco289,549.68
Genesis Fixtures, Inc.5945,018.20
Haiston Oil Co61816,308.97
Hospital Texaco284,715.89
Import Auto Body, Inc.338,132.80
Intermountain Color1112,927.60
Jiffy Lube2812,903.21
Jiffy Lube286,405.75
Lafarge West, Inc. - Port Of Entry Pit2459,080.00
Lafarge West, Inc. - Weitzel Pit224,920.00
Larimer Cnty Fleet Mgmt281,860.16
Larimer Electric Motor Co550.56
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodyworks4422,026.09
Markley Motors Inc41513,470.82
Mjr Company22411,133.28
New Belgium Brewing Company, Inc.822131,211.24
New Method Clnrs11726.30
Palumbo Cleaners11242.10
Pedersen Collision Repair113,854.70
Peerless Tyre Co Inc 8132816,646.21
Poudre School District R1223,596.00
Poudre Valley Hosp72621,751.22
Reager Funeral Home And Crematory611989.24
Recuperos, L.L.C.2813,030.23
Rexoco Stores Ltd 21281,850.16
Rocky Mountain Cultured Marble Inc44670.00
Rpm Technology, Inc.254,483.39
Rulons Texaco Ser Inc2104,885.49
Safeway Inc.2847,470.01
Schrader Oil Co2109,468.48
Schrader Oil Co153,288.74
Schrader Oil Co21017,256.98
Schrader Oil Co284,095.88
Schrader Oil Co22218,525.00
Schrader Oil Co21021,993.90
Schrader Oil Co2815,216.83
Schrader Oil Co2826,676.45
Schrader Oil Co289,233.52
Schrader Oil Co2818,373.04
Schrader Oil Co21011,667.71
Schrader Oil Co127,620.00
Schrader Oil Co286,537.84
Schrader Oil Co (Was Conoco #06443)2813,737.49
Schrader Oil Co.21019,455.13
Schrader Oil Company21027,388.22
Shelmen Riah Ent Dba Ready Mart2813,705.09
Sinclair Sta 05013287,662.95
Southland 7 11 No 131712811,890.96
Southland 7 11 No 252902810,905.36
Southland 7 11 No 26803287,945.88
Southland 7 11 No 269272817,658.43
Southland 7 11 No 269332813,599.26
Spradley Barr Inc143,234.41
The Coloradoan1133,334.00
Total Petroleum Inc No 410421035,750.61
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #410321028,900.66
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #410521036,682.55
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #410621023,811.59
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #41072916,653.72
Walker Manufacturing Company111161,377.00
Waste Management Of Northern Colorado242,852.39
Zoric Cleaners111,936.80