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Polluters in Commerce City, Colorado
74th Ave & Cherry St28284,814.82
Ab&T Shoppe Inc3311,055.80
Adams Cnty Animal Control Ctr443,474.00
Aggregate Industries - Wcr, Inc.1315256,352.73
Akorn Roller Inc Of Co443,237.00
Allied Demolition227,550.68
Ansel Industrial Coatings4430,850.62
Bfi Tower Ldfl79193,274.83
Bfi Waste Systems Of North America Inc688,328.32
Bj'S Auto Theft Repair338,101.80
Boulder Landfill2828164.06
Bromley Pit282822,038.27
Colorado Asphalt Services24766.24
Colorado Brake & Supply Co6102,911.72
Colorado Refining Co Total Petroleum181522,865,669.31
Commerce City Grain21421,893.47
Commerce City Grain, Llc61630,607.25
Complete Fleet Inc1111,103.00
Conagra Flour Milling Company847298,441.50
Conoco Inc.118,594.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065042832,749.25
Denver Pet Cemetery61210,405.20
Denver Truck & Trailer3314,092.96
Derby Cleaners11726.30
Desco Truck Refinishing154,025.04
Diamond Shamrock No 6472813,099.70
Diamond Shamrock No 6692822,606.05
Diamond Shamrock Refining #11652826,090.28
Diversified Body & Paint Shop Inc2210,808.27
Divine Coaches4157,975.27
Empire Truck & Equip Co4146,081.08
Excel Tops Inc71231,698.91
Gasamat Oil Corp #103289,924.66
Gasamat Oil Corp #5373104,541.35
Gcc Of Denver, Inc.2612,200.00
Gold Star Auto Body31010,877.90
Hagen Industries224,160.38
Harpel Oil Co241,490.28
Highway 93 Swds28284,814.82
Hydro Gate Acquisition Corporation5910,999.24
Intermountain Wholesale Inc.282,759.81
Jenco Industries Dba Maaco Auto No 7077715,077.58
Joaquin Mfg Corp223,716.20
Jones Fine Sand Co226,625.57
Jw Brewer Tire Co4522,871.72
K.C. Asphalt Llc Dba Koch Performance As766199,584.21
Kaneb Pipeline Operating Partnership Lp2210,160.00
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #755101122,577.60
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #941791123,892.80
Kerr-Mcgee Tank Battery #942141110,631.20
Knight Printing Co Inc292,207.05
Laidlaw Transit Inc112,000.00
Majic & Sons484,000.08
Marshall Landfill2828498.75
Mike Shaw Collision Ctr.5522,324.32
Natl Truck4115,416.81
Nelson Pipeline Constructors383,181.83
North American Galvanizing Company332,430.00
Offen Petroleum, Inc. Dba Tartan Texaco284,899.29
Packaging Corporation Of America82092,572.79
Peerless Tyre Co Inc No 8022912,839.45
Perfecta Clnrs111,210.50
Phillips Pipeline Co1944415,876.96
Pillow Shoppe Inc Dba Colliers Of Colo3442,367.90
Qwest Communications International, Inc28386.50
Riggi Oil Co_inc279,609.25
Rocky Mountain Transload Inc.243,560.00
Sand Creek Energy Llc238,660.00
Sapp Brothers Denver2820,265.24
Sav O Mat21033,151.32
Schlumberger Technology Corporation243,591.60
Shoco Oil Inc2106,614.82
Siegrist Construction Company2828272.83
Silco Oil Co2101,310.55
Sinclair Oil Denver Production Term1434282,001.10
Southland 7 11 No 13154285,487.09
Stewart & Stevenson Power Inc4510,089.15
Stewart & Stevenson Power Inc774,673.87
Suncor Energy - Denver Refinery222087,859,661.33
Superior Mfg. Corp. Dba A-J Sales132,012.15
Supreme Autobody112,600.03
The Earthgrains Companies, Inc. -Denver630110,069.17
The Southland Store No 23829289,899.72
Timpte Inc235,739.00
Total Petroleum Store No 407421034,989.05
Trinity Energy Corporation - Pard1111,507.98
United Asphalts Inc4433,456.57
United Parcel Svc21016,742.03
Valero Logistics Operations, L.P.1272214,275.40
Ward Transport Inc1123.40
Watersaver Co Inc1224,052.56
Wj Whatley Inc53082,446.97
Woodgrain Inc51615,589.92
Zimmerman Metals Inc91250,698.70