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Polluters in Arvada, Colorado
Advanced Surface Technologies, Inc.554,769.00
Alden Enterprises Inc.2815,261.15
Alpine Printing Inc1911,629.50
Amoco Gas Sta No 369662420,165.55
Amoco Oil Co. #134632823,579.46
Bennetts Pit Bar B Que6625,982.58
Bfn Industries, Llc53514,015.75
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4692829,047.57
Ccw Products Inc112,634.80
Chos Corp11726.30
Clydes Auto Body31421,534.77
Cobe Cardiovascular Inc4858,770.20
Colorado Collision Repair152,372.27
Conocophillips Company - 27065242852,576.00
Continental Cleaners1111,860.00
Cornerstone Cleaners111,089.45
Costco Wholesale #67631247,380.18
Diamond Shamrock #40442822,337.94
Diamond Shamrock #40452825,972.69
Diamond Shamrock No 11772822,712.23
Diamond Shamrock No 6282835,634.01
Diamond Shamrock No 6582815,652.77
Dillon Companies Inc., Dba King Soopers21026,205.21
Equilon Enterprises Llc3914,755.33
Equilon Enterprises Llc289,824.78
Farm Crest Milk Store 15279,599.88
Gigantic Cleaners #2111968.40
Gigantic Clnrs No 8 James & Son Inc111,089.45
Hill Petroleum2623,782.86
Honeywell, Inc. (Was Allied Signal)2423,629.00
Icc Depco Terminal11182.50
Industrial Chemicals Corp5730,292.00
Industrialex Manufacturing, Corp.82541,100.67
Jeffco Schools - Arvada Bus Terminal15312.94
Kwik Dry Clean Super Center111,210.50
Ldk Enterprises, Llc2212,840.00
Lucky Mart, Inc.21039,456.88
Maaco Auto Painting No 2164413,843.64
Mahnke Auto Body Inc337,903.36
Marilyns Clnrs111,694.70
Mark Vii Equipment7154,666.83
Mr Richard Atchison2429,500.86
Oberon Equipment Co Dba O'Brien Conoco143,900.00
Owens Brothers Concrete Co61414,529.89
Papillon Graphics26607.05
Permagreen Products2231,560.00
Pietros Quality Clnrs11968.00
Public Service Co - Arvada Service Cntr11520.00
Pynergy Llc (Was Conoco Inc #0694)2819,649.55
Q & Q Cleaners11968.40
R&R Super Service112,700.00
Recycled Materials Co Inc2424,373.01
Rex Oil Company2823,659.20
Sinclair Sta No 050012813,446.31
Sky Cleaners111,210.50
Smart Stop2821,038.12
Southland 7 11 No 18418289,065.79
Stonehouse Signs Inc61630,006.10
Suncor - 27061352812,292.79
Suncor - 27062082834,409.41
Suncor - 27062452825,793.31
Suncor - 27063112820,462.45
Sundyne Corp31510,210.80
Sunshine Cleaners113,449.93
Surburban Reddi-Mix Company2430,586.95
Usa Cleaners11726.30
Wanco Inc41526,216.64
Wastequip Mfg Co Dba May Mfg & Distribtg9951,680.00
White Glove Clnrs11907.88
Winner Foundries & Mfg Co6123,767.20
Wonder Woods Of Colorado Inc3316,845.00
Woodys Of Colorado Inc6627,800.00