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Polluters in Yuba City, California
99 Travel Center111,926.00
A & A Concrete Supply, Inc2215,633.60
Bear River Disposal Site28281,069.83
Benton Oil And Gas13867.80
Calpine Greenleaf I1121463,610.72
Calpine Greenleaf Unit Ii/Yuba City Energy Center922237,835.63
City Of Yuba City6157,109.64
Custom Chrome & Bumper22147.41
Deluxe Packages6712,199.22
Eagle Moulding Co2818,068.27
H & J Ent6120.00
Harter Packing Company66288,400.00
Harter Pik'Drite, Inc.234,116.00
Mcburney, Bettie/Adr Valuation3520,696.00
Mcburney, Bettie/Adr Valuation3520,710.00
Montna Farms Rice Dryer61833,887.18
Petrogulf Corporation65468,968.84
Smc Cabinets31811.33
Sunsweet Growers Inc.338,153.95
Sutter Power Plant1734509,059.30
Unity Forest Products51128,867.78
Valley View Packing Co61258,403.70
Yuba City Boat Ramp Illegal Site28281,069.83
Yuba City Cogeneration66301,603.67