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Polluters in Whittier, California
B And R Finishing Co 687,587.43
B&R Finishing Co 61311,380.26
Board Ford Inc 14700.00
Calcor Space Fac Inc4104,763.00
Carcoa Of Southern California 6114,986.73
Chevron Usa Inc.881,289.00
Cmc Printed Bag Inc 6929,860.00
Compliant Spray Painting, Inc.6243,620.00
Delta Technical Coatings Inc 22393.80
L & P Property Management Co 91619,622.24
La Co., Sanitation District 43248843,478.53
La Co., Sanitation District 148526,353.15
Merchants Metals, Inc.2436.43
Omega Chemical Corp,Omega Reco667,518.00
Orchard Dale Water District 4813,780.00
Power Systems Associates 61814,543.80
Presbyterian Intercommunity Ho236014,443.98
Quaker City Plating & Silversm71243,546.72
R & R Metal Painting & Finishe617852.29
Rasmussen Iron Works Inc 8203,346.50
Ridgewood/Cal Power Partners L28480.00
Rio Hondo Community College 133721,179.85
Rose Hills Mem Park Assoc7174,031.66
U S T Inc3374.68
Unitog Rental Services Inc118,235.00
Venoco Inc 6329,880.00
Venoco Inc 62613,680.98
Whittier Hospital Medical Cent6137,936.01
Whittier, City Of (Landfill De131416,232.62
Zieman Mfg Co 61518,442.30