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Polluters in West Sacramento, California
Affymetrix, Inc36200.00
Agrium U.S. Inc.121,010.00
Anderson Bros. Auto & Paint11696.96
Arco (Riverpoint, Llc)1118.36
Arnez Electro-Finishing, Inc.33562.82
At&T Wireless Services110.00
Best Auto1158.08
Bp West Coast Products, Llc932241,869.16
Calif. Dept. Of Water Resource1160.00
California Casuality110.00
California Engineering Co553,620.00
California Federal Bank5101,068.96
California Highway Patrol1120.00
Chevron Products Company1115.76
Cingular Wireless110.00
Circle A Food Stores114.33
Clark Pacific2102,431.54
Construction Fasteners, Inc.331,230.17
Dade Behring62015,032.03
Dade Behring, Inc.1140.00
Davis Truck Painting357,291.18
De Sousa'S Furniture Restoring116,045.95
Delta Web Printing, Inc11620.00
Dooley Tire Center332,162.59
Econo Body Works332,145.43
Elite Fleet11702.00
Equilon Enterprises Llc75758,371.02
Evergreen Ave. 76117.63
Farallon Boats1169.86
Farmers Grain Elevator24768.46
Farmers' Rice Cooperative156263,153.53
Fed Ex Freight West110.00
Fleming Company35140.00
Flint Ink Corp111,998.00
Forsyth Marble Inc4615,831.55
Frank C. Ramos1120.00
Fruehauf Trailer Services119.24
G & C Wood Finishing, Inc.33965.07
Ge Capital Modular Space332,986.85
Gene West Saw Mill28286,569.06
Horizon Glass110.00
Idexx Veterinary Services44179.34
Interstate Oil Company112.69
Izzies Tri-C Body & Paint551,978.86
Jackson Laboratory1140.00
K2m Mobile Treatment Services110.00
Kay'S Body Shop33463.18
Lauten'S Auto Body33680.51
Level (3) Communications, Llc22220.00
Level 311140.00
Lodi Equipment330.00
Mci Telecommunications Corp110.00
Millenium Auto Body33928.20
Mobile Storage Group5817,388.13
Mts Incorporated111,440.00
Nella Oil1111.51
Nella/Exxon Co228.82
Nor-Cal Beverage Company, Inc.7136,271.45
Nor-Cal Produce, Inc.22181.83
Pacific Bell22320.00
Pacific Bell - West Sacramento611188.45
Pacific Gas114.33
Pacific Gas & Electric/Pg&E110.00
Penny Newman Grain22913.04
Poplar Food & Liquor115.22
Port Of Sacramento65733,707.91
Radial Tire Center, Inc.5101,369.16
Ram Printing112,060.00
Ramos Oil111.01
Ramos Oil115.46
Relles Oil110.71
Ricky'S Chevron Station1111.22
Ricky'S Gas Station115.45
Ripper'S Body Shop1179.03
River City Stadium- River Cats2240.00
Rmc Pacific Materials2641,562.84
Sacramento Kenworth33463.18
Sacramento Plating35976.40
Sacramento Stucco Company283,090.00
Sfpp, L. P.110.00
Sierra Detroit Diesel Allison331,398.27
Sign Technology33328.50
Southland Corporation (7-11)111.97
Stl Sacramento61210,598.24
Supply Hardware222,292.70
Tesoro Refining5512,105.80
Tower Energy Group118.55
U. S. Postal Service6121,236.89
U.S. Postal Service561,352.69
Univar Usa, Inc1144.12
Usa Petroleum119.88
Usa Petroleum Corporation116.99
Valley Slurry/Morgan Emultech66728.45
Vertis, Inc.222,385.60
Vertis, Inc.926580,654.80
Volume Press111,120.00
W Sacramento, City Of Pump Stn3320.00
W Sacramento, City Of, Wwtp142961,582.76
W Sacramento,City Of, Wtr Trmt66120.00
West Capitol Shell116.80
West Sacramento 76116.80
West Sacramento Bryte Landfill2828248.32
West Sacramento Truck Stop115.52
West Sacramento, City Of1120.00
West Sacramento, City Of1120.00