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Polluters in Watsonville, California
7-Eleven, Inc.114.49
7-Eleven, Inc.116.63
7-Eleven, Inc.1113.76
Bay Area Diablo Petroleum112.16
Brother'S Hecker Pass Market113.10
Calpine Monterey Cogen1212112,939.52
Chevron Products Company1110.56
Chevron Products Company117.81
City Of Watsonville Wastewater62448,506.82
Co Of Santa Cruz - Landfill33117,164.27
Conocophillips Company114.18
Conocophillips Company115.27
County Fair Grounds Disposal Site28283,514.27
David Tavarez111.48
Debbie L. Chin111.13
Don Heim & Son The Dry Cleaner11759.00
G. N. Reen, Inc.128.27
Gawfco Enterprises, Inc.119.26
Gilbertson Illegal Dump Site2828970.67
Idris Mohssin113.37
Kds Dhaliwal Investments Inc.1114.85
Lewis Road Sanitary Landfill28281,095.74
Moreno Petro. Co.128.08
Moreno Petroleum Company113.25
Nella Oil Company116.46
Old City Of Watsonville Disposal Site28283,514.27
Peninsula Petroleum, Llc116.07
Quik Stop Markets, Inc.117.68
Quik Stop Markets, Inc.116.46
Ron Ince1116.87
Ultramar Inc.1114.56
Ultramar Inc.1112.48
Watsonville Solid Waste Disposal Site28283,811.29