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Polluters in Walnut Creek, California
Alamo 1 Hour Cleaners221,340.23
American Cleaners22715.72
Armand'S Auto Upholstery Inc1129.23
Best Auto Painting45803.79
Bolo Station Rail / Cycle Project28287,906.20
Broadway Auto Body/Dick Mancin26960.18
California Auto Body142,576.79
Central Concrete Supply, Inc21012,145.15
Classic Auto Body & Painting241,721.60
Classic Cleaning Of Walnut Cre22713.94
Contra Costa Newspapers Inc61029,104.19
Cook'S Collision373,723.55
Cooks Collision143,083.10
Del Monte Foods Research Cente10222,650.04
Diablo Mazda/Subaru11616.00
Dutch Girl Cleaners 112,476.90
E-Tech Collision131,097.73
East Bay Municipal Utility Dis6125,468.65
East Bay Municipal Utility Dis66174.33
Exxon C/O Environmental Resolu120.99
Fashion Cleaners 11269.82
Hanson Aggregates 110.11
Herald'S Cleaners, Inc22753.45
Hosanna Cleaners 111,133.22
Hull'S Walnut Creek Chapel714287.32
Jack'S Auto Body & Repair 222.51
Jim'S Calif Auto Body, Inc132,876.87
Jim'S California Auto Body242,609.66
John Muir Medical Center12504,178.13
Kaiser Foundation Hospital11589,097.57
Lime Ridge Open Space2828285.51
Magnussen'S Walnut Creek Auto231,568.16
Major Town Cleaners221,678.28
Marshall Steel Cleaners221,172.95
Mike Rose'S Auto Body Inc121,277.24
Mike Rose'S Auto Body Of Walnu24915.38
Miracle Auto Painting 119.03
Miracle Auto Painting143,708.95
Mount Diablo State Park Disposal Site2828324.45
Pacific Bell Corporation66782.98
Pacific Service Credit Union66362.54
Parker-Robb Chevrolet, Inc3143,430.99
Pmi Mortgage Insurance Co6121,072.35
Sparklizing Cleaners 111,720.07
Springs & Bertino Body Shop9132,157.91
St Paul Cleaners221,369.82
Texaco C/O Cambria110.22
Ultimate Finish241,003.35
Valley Waste Management1494.36
Varella Cleaners 11472.18
Varian Chromatography Systems 11278.73
Walnut Creek Ford12803.20
Wayne Stead Cadillac352,220.92