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Polluters in Victorville, California
Afg Industries Inc13671,614,615.18
Beck Oil Inc.5261,316.40
Bfm Associates, Inc2300.00
California Cogeneration Corp.6612,467.79
Calnev Pipe Line Company1810,652.18
Cemex - River Plant16318528,178.42
Cornerstone C&M Inc.612558.00
Daily Press113,000.00
Desert Valley Hospital, Inc6202,484.18
Luis Zamora Body & Paint Shop22349.21
May Mfg. (Dba Artesian Spas)1112,997.00
Monty'S Chevrolet, Inc.443,921.00
Nextday Paint And Auto337,338.00
Pfizer Inc Disposal Site28287,906.20
Rancho Motors331,802.53
Service Rock Prods. Inc. Victorville112.70
Sonshine Auto Body482,066.70
Southern California Gas Co68433.51
Southern California Logistics 42831,921.64
Sunland Ford44624.10
The Sherwin-Williams Company116478,267.94
Verizon-Victorville C.O.43438.98
Verizon-Victorville Mega Ctr43438.98
Victor Valley Memorial Park3434215.84
Victor Valley Wastew Rec Auth91513,148.12
Victor Ville D/O6121,239.10
Victorvalley Comm.Hospital4712526,112.59
Victorville Sanitary Landfill28288,886.59