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Polluters in Vallejo, California
A 1 Collision Repair366,695.01
Ace Cleaners221,547.29
Alco Iron & Metal Co @ Mare Is220.02
Atlas Lift West22412.95
Avery Greene Motors372,562.68
Barber Dealer Group Body Shop2221.45
Bay Automotive Collision Repai230.59
Benson'S Body & Paint2495.49
Bill Lang Pont Cad Inc383,207.85
Broadway Auto Body141,744.92
Carter & Company11581.24
City Of Vallejo243,744.00
Cofab Corporation341,577.17
Cordeiro Vault Company343,758.13
Country Club Cleaners 11809.45
D & F Autoshine36465.25
E Auto Body24784.43
Earl Scheib Of California Inc135,465.77
Gateway Cleaners 11647.56
General Mills Inc2326,511.20
Jeffco Painting/Abc Painting I41313,020.44
Kaiser Foundation Hospital8441,070.66
Klimisch'S Inc24893.51
Magic Cleaner 11411.47
Magnoli Inc 3ms Auto Body4446.34
Manuel'S Auto Body251,323.33
Mare Island Naval Shipyard Sanitary Lf282822,038.27
Meyer Cookware Industries Inc 110.04
Miller Signs 1111.62
Miracle Auto Painting & Body241,046.80
Pacific Bell66818.37
Parisian Cleaners 11667.79
Pat'S Auto Body & Frame 33150.53
Pechiney Cork & Seal Of Califo21112,440.80
R & B Auto Body Shop12462.47
Redwood Cleaners22990.29
Regal Collision Repair22226.94
Rita'S Blastering225,940.00
Scotland Yard Bodyworks119.01
Solano Auto Painters 11552.17
Solano Body Shop265,331.17
Solano Body Shop Ii122,787.68
Sparkle Cleaners22835.60
Star Cleaners22855.84
Star Cleaners 11472.18
Steve 'N' Larry Custome Paint34262.97
Sutter Solano Medical Center9296,079.96
Syar Industries, Inc198180,524.91
Tartan Textile Services Inc665,923.39
The Ideal Body Shop34136.22
The Sign Factory14786.73
Timet-North American Operation581,430.00
Toyota Of Vallejo13800.00
Trinity Auto Body 2297.72
Ultramar C/O Trc 122.03
Ultramar, Inc C/O Doulos Envir120.09
Vallejo Boat Works377,388.74
Vallejo Coffee Roasting Co110.02
Vallejo Corners Cleaners22223.17
Vallejo Garbage Service2216.93
Vallejo One Hour Cleaners 111,153.46
Vallejo Sanitation & Flood Con14216,175.50
Vallejo Sanitation & Flood Con6242,902.60
Vallejo Times - Herald134,204.40
Willard'S Cleaners 111,193.93
Wilson-Cornelius Collision Rep2431.37
Xkt Engineering Inc, Railroad15241,332.75
Your Cleaners22891.57