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Column information
Polluters in Vacaville, California
2045 Corporation660.00
7-Eleven, Inc.66526.00
Alamo Station, Llc1111.60
All American Gas119.31
Alza Corporation1310450,342.40
Ani Holding Llc111,005.98
Arco # 056301114.86
Arco #020671122.16
Autocraft Auto Body551,500.26
B & J Drop Box Sanitary Landfill28287,518.08
Bernies City Garage33880.04
Bkd Holdings1120.00
Blair Sign Programs1138.72
Bp West Coast Products1121.32
Branco'S Vac Valley Shell114.56
Brown Trout Publishing1126,140.00
California Medical Facility2013033,490.30
California Newspaper Partners112,440.00
California State Prison-Solano65614,190.74
Calpeak Power Llc667,277.77
Castle & King Rock & Ready Mix22453.60
Chevron Products Company1120.42
Chevron Usa116.50
Chiron Corporation6182,644.07
Commercial Auto Body330.00
Corby'S Collision361,499.07
County Of Solano Airport111,947.00
Court Galvanizing, Inc.668,225.95
Eclipse Medical Imaging11140.00
Genentech, Inc.6259,396.48
Interstate Oil Company113.28
Ishaq Trading Corporation1119.51
Jeevan Enterprises1118.23
Kaiser Permanente5181,562.91
Large Scale Biology11100.00
Leisure Town Beacon119.90
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodywork4712,233.30
Magaruh Enterprises33707.88
Mariani Packing Company697,980.95
Martin'S Metal Parts33898.26
Marzetta Signs110.00
Mccallum Cabinets, Inc.550.00
Nella Oil Company1114.11
Norcal Waste Systems Hay Rd La6153,359.51
Pacific Bell55619.34
Palisades Gas & Wash1111.50
Quick Stop Markets, Inc.115.62
Richmar Cabinets110.00
Rick'S Body & Paint330.00
Ron'S Auto Body331,211.71
Shaw Power Services3108,056.55
Simpson Dura-Vent, Inc5810,698.21
Southland Corporation114.36
Sprig Circuits, Inc161,047.19
Superior Sign Systems110.00
Vacavalley Hospital110.02
Vacaville Fruit Co., Inc.6633,665.78
Vacaville Landfill (Old)28284,814.82
Vacaville Unified School Dist.11403.66
Vacaville, City Of22100.00
Vacaville, City Of 33297.57
Vacaville, City Of 56316.91
Vacaville, City Of, Commun Ctr660.00
Vacaville, City Of, Haz Waste 110.00
Vacaville, City Of, Well #8110.00
Vacaville, Cty Of, Leis Twn Rd22100.00
Vacaville,City Of, City Hall360.00
Vacaville,City Of, Gb Ind Wwtp3440.00
Vacaville,City Of, Police Dept220.00