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Polluters in Upland, California
Altawood Inc.114,432.00
City Of Upland, Upland Landfil8117.57
Dimic Sheet Metal 12440.00
Enterprise Chevrolet Inc 676,816.99
Generators Services Co 6624,840.92
Holliday Rock Co Inc 103160,883.25
Holliday Rock Co., Inc 4611,655.32
Holliday Trucking Inc 6823,744.03
Jade Controls114,040.00
New Bedford Panoramex Corp 170.00
Omni Seals Inc 13120.00
Pacific Energy16161,235.00
Royal Oak Mfg Co 112065,568.40
San Antonio Community Hospital75515,564.53
Scheu Mfg Co 103318,036.19
Silvia Construction Inc 6181,938.86
The Karel Company5517,912.00
Upland City Of, Fleet Maintena6153,313.61
Upland City, Waste Water Dept992.61
Western Mouldings1184,000.00