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Column information
Polluters in Turlock, California
Arco #05489-Bp West Coast Products Llc416518.15
Arco #06322-Bp West Coast Products Llc416593.43
Arco #5489 Petroleum Prod.5101,693.41
Arco Am/Pm, David'S5101,285.62
Arco Products #54655101,296.76
Associated Feed & Supply105138,533.63
Barrel Inn Liquors416371.16
Beacon Oil Company #3540 (Ultra)416578.70
Beacon Oil Company #540 (Ultra5151,830.89
Bright Cleaners11675.00
Carr'S Cleaners11539.00
Carr'S Cleaners114,398.30
Central Valley Cheese661,143.32
Chevron Usa5151,427.19
Chevron Usa Products Company416542.50
Chevron, Professional5151,583.74
Circle K Store #194055390.39
City Of Turlock Water Control6203,325.93
Conagra Turkey Company6144.94
Curtesy Oil Co41669.56
Curtesy Oil Co41659.34
Dairy Farmers Of America667,880.00
Del Mesa Farms Turlock Feedmil62715,122.59
Dickey Petroleum51570.88
Dickey Petroleum41680.35
Du Rite Cleaners114,033.80
Du Rite Cleaners11241.00
Foster Turkey Prods. Plant 1115,400.00
Foster Turkey Products6121,141.52
Foster Turkey Products6241,295.30
Golden State Body Shop33694.12
Gomes, Joe M & Sons Inc538646.89
Goodrich Oil Company515175.80
Goodrich Oil Company5127.24
Hatch Milling Company146412,092.50
International Paper Company75673,437.38
Lactalis Usa Turlock, Inc.66178.66
Northern Refrigerated Transpor112.96
One Hour Martinizing11785.70
Quik Stop #137515472.07
Quik Stop #79416112.64
Quik Stop Market #155515514.33
Rodgers Mini Market515418.97
Ruesga'S Arco515440.91
Sensient Dehydrated Flavors Co.124,600.00
Shell Oil, Geer Road515926.55
Snider Lumber Products Co220.04
Stop N Save Liquors #4515239.96
Stop N Save Liquors #441636.51
Turlock 1 Hr Martinizing11180.00
Turlock Irrigation District285171,747.55
Varco Pruden Buildings, Inc.91786,840.91
Weiss Oil Co. Cardlock #2510334.07
Weiss Oil Company510319.36
Weiss Oil Company510477.96
West Coast Equipment61019,244.30
Zack'S Auto Body22274.42