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Polluters in Tulare, California
99 Food Mart41629.99
A T & T Wireless Services6631.52
A T & T Wireless Services6637.28
Betty Brite Cleaners113,694.95
Cheese & Protein International639265.19
Cisneros Fiberglass Co117,920.00
City Of Tulare14713,518.12
City Of Tulare661,137.72
Dairymans Cooperative Creamery865527.56
E2c, Inc11448.79
Fisher Manufacturing Co311684.40
Grumman Olson175424,461.89
J.D. Heiskell & Co., Inc.62110.44
John Benson Dump2828181.69
Jr Simplot Company3105.25
Kraft Foods, Inc63929,835.98
Land O' Lakes, Inc.28174205,185.02
Martinho Exxon416179.64
Mid-Valley Cotton Growers,Inc.142123,103.91
Mid-Valley Cotton Growers,Inc.152953,334.98
Nestle Ice Cream Company6125,862.74
Saputo Cheese Usa, Inc.61810,320.00
Tulare / Linder Landfill282822,038.27
Tulare City Dump2828181.69
Tulare City Wastewater Plant651142,731.60
Tulare District Hospital6131,596.58
University Of Cal Vet School61395.08
Valley Convenience Stores Inc416144.29