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Polluters in Torrance, California
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc155313,323.23
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc993,254.19
A-1 Coast Rentals Inc 6173,862.14
Ace Clearwater Enterprises 243,493.96
Airco Industrial Gases2231,893.27
Allied Signal Aerospace Co12135,381.15
Alliedsignal Aerospace Sys&Eq 91125,109.86
American Polystyrene Corp192,565.31
Amp Incorporated685,730.21
Applied Industrial Materials C24667.08
Bachem Inc.481,530.00
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp.2429,888.00
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp.157689,207.54
Burger King Corp.1414275.39
California Pre Stain 120.00
Chevron Pipe Line Co, Cal Div2287.00
Coastcraft Rubber Co1315777.80
Commonwealth Aluminum - Torrance Coil Coating11217.70
Computer Image Systems, Inc 267,008.67
Cosmodyne Corp 11227,614.59
Cosworth Engineering Inc 6104,749.48
Crescent Cranes Inc 664,384.15
Cushion Cut Inc 5913,866.25
Cv Intl Inc221,363.00
Del Amo Financial Center11100.00
Dexol Ind Inc122.47
Dominguez Properties 6186,820.36
Douglas Products Division 1898381,900.47
Dow Chem U.S.A. (Nsr Use)208932,322.74
Dowell Schlumberger Inc.2236.53
Earl Scheib Of Cal Inc 135,060.00
El Camino College 62711,537.91
Excellon Automation1314,461.00
Farmer Bros Co 93727,804.19
Fibre Glas Fin Co 137,960.00
Freeman Products, Div Avnet, I2723,004.45
Gamma-F Corp4528,876.75
Gardena Valley Dump #4 / Alpine Village28287,906.20
Garrett Engine Boosting System234372,267.54
George P Johnson Co 1165,687.07
George P Johnson Co. 1165,905.18
Geron Furniture Inc 1222101,502.00
Hi-Shear Corporation184314,226.89
Higgins Brock & Tile Co West28281,715.36
Honeywell Cpg241,283.00
Honeywell International Inc1721350,635.99
Hughes Aircraft Co (Microelect6299,414.80
Hughes Aircraft Co, Electron D4110741,191.24
Hydro Rubber And Plastics, Inc10102,872.43
Jano Inc 128,335.71
Jones Chemicals Inc2212.71
Kelt Oil & Gas Inc. 61714,710.40
Kosuga Furniture Inc102412,439.19
La Co Dept Health Srv,Ucla Har16244,614.00
La Co Harbor-Ucla Medical Cent65241,693.16
La Gard Inc11320.70
Little Company Of Mary Hospita61529,960.00
M/A-Com, A Divn. Of Amp Inc. 93080,295.44
Magnavox Electronic Systems Co41127,446.63
Major Paint Co6162,344.53
Martin Brass Fndy.124.00
Mobil Oil Corp, West Coast Pip47215210,774,902.78
Moog, Inc 6415,072.44
Naturalife Eco Vite Labs. Inc.1177,000.00
Naturalife Lab66198,272.80
Pacific Gateway General Truck 14200.00
Pacific Smelting28281,715.36
Palos Verdes Refinishing 162,320.78
Performance Composites Inc, Fi2528,495.00
Peyton Cramer Automotive,Peyto110.00
Plasma Tech Inc 6212,588.00
Praxair Distribution Inc 3613,479.12
Prestige Too Auto Body Inc 6115,320.00
Pulse Instruments11641.00
Quality Lithograph Inc 1108,580.00
R. R. Donnelley & Sons Co, La 1475269,588.38
R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co.-L.A.6127,606.40
Robinson Helicopter Co Inc 103039,262.56
Scott Robinson Honda 684,500.00
Shintom West Corp Of America11483.00
Specialized Welders 16335,224.55
St Chem Mfg Co33263.70
Stewart Filmscreen Corp 93171,029.02
Texlon Corp451,063.05
Torrance City6121,179.20
Torrance City 61313,289.98
Torrance City Lf28281,715.36
Torrance Memorial Medical Cent173316,978.58
U.S. Gypsum Co.23204.01
Unc/Cfc Acquisitn 61915,005.56
Union Carbide Corp 1721327,917.36
Union Carbide, Ucar Emulsion S126611,403.00
Union Oil Co Of Cal, Lomita Tk94084,397.68
Us Steel Corp D.S.282863,237.99
Villa Auto Body 13927.16
Virco Mfg Corp 113377,243.00