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Polluters in Sunnyvale, California
Advanced Component Labs (Usa) 111,403.19
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc1812296,181.50
Affymetrix Inc66853.89
Alpha Industries31214,942.43
Analog Devices Inc7155,088.51
Anchor Auto Body352,784.89
Applied Materials8162,273.77
Armstrong Technology Inc1192.22
Arthrocare Corp12884.33
Auto Tech Body Shop13756.98
Bae'S Holiday Cleaners11404.72
Bay Sheets, Inc888,142.79
Betty Brite Cleaners11580.10
Cal-West Automotive246,229.06
Camaro Cleaners2312,004.29
Cardiac Pathways Inc12376.80
Carriage Cleaners 111,038.79
Central Cleaners22557.98
City Of Sunnyvale Solid Waste161738,083.62
City Of Sunnyvale Water Pollut144021,955.68
City Of Sunnyvale/Public Works221,869.79
Clceo Corp 11249.31
Consolidated Publications, Inc1934,974.00
Cree Microwave142,546.53
Da-Les Auto Body4111,942.26
Dainippon Screen Engineering O1125.84
De Anza Square Cleaners, Inc22862.91
Delight Cleaners22754.02
Dryclean Abc 11675.89
Dryclean Best221,018.25
Eg & G Holdings, Inc 5511,704.41
Everybody'S Cleaners22868.41
Excel Cleaners 113,912.32
Excel Cleaners111,197.40
Exxon C/O Etic113.25
Exxon C/O Etic1110.33
F & S Auto Body112.10
Fairchild Semiconductor Corpor2222.46
Fenders Collision Center231,646.18
Finisar Corporation12104.80
Fred Hill C/O Etic111.82
Grafiks Two Inc 21044.39
Hacienda Cleaners 11742.84
Heick'S Cabinet Shop Inc11659.20
Henrys One Hour Cleaners 11251.67
Hyatt Die Cast & Engineering C4203,061.95
Infinera Corporation11603.38
Intella Interventional Systems11108.98
Jsr Micro, Inc131,689.37
Kuykendall'S Auto Body & Frame47595.17
Level 3 Communications Llc6601,638.93
Litronix, Inc4450.33
Lockheed Martin Corporation2844888,842.79
Lockheed Martin Mission System114.05
Lynch Circuits110.02
M2 Collision Center341,130.66
Maaco Auto Painting & Body Wor232,850.25
Mark Cleaners221,146.41
Mary Manor Cleaners 11329.18
Meigs Quick Clean22272.03
Miracle Auto Painting131,587.54
Mohawk Laboratories26792.16
Mohawk Laboratories C/O The So2224.75
National Semiconductor Corp1149,223.36
Nino'S Cleaners221,165.74
Northrop Grumman Systems Corpo167644,281.58
Novalux Inc67792.39
Oepic Inc12295.87
One Day Cleaners221,033.56
Onizuka Air Force Base811618,899.14
Pacific Bell66754.73
Pacific Ceramics, Inc1156.00
Paneltec Inc24816.44
Pearson Automobile Company383,110.21
Perkin Elmer Ilc 2310,674.55
Philips Semiconductor 220.92
Philips Semiconductors10466,620.34
Philips Semiconductors Na12788.02
Proper Wood Finishing181,796.54
Proto Engineering Corporation42227,695.16
Raines Chevrolet Co 11707.92
Raisch Products122653,234.12
Regal Dodge Inc241,254.26
Reliance Technical Services125,791.55
Responsible Metal Fab, Inc33937.18
Rohm Device Usa Llc5147,897.26
Rohm Device Usa, Llc127,151.72
Royal Auto Body & Towing122,145.89
Royal Cleaners 111,274.88
Royal Dry Cleaning221,358.36
Sequoia Cleaners222,277.13
Sierra Circuits, Inc144,859.55
Signal Technology Corporation 363.56
Silicon Light Machines14867.80
Silicon Valley Auto Body463,603.10
Skc America, Inc 241.05
Sobrato Development Companies220.85
Sparkle Clean Dry Cleaners 11337.27
Spectrian Corporation 119.99
Stanford Telecom Inc 111,427.02
Sun Microsystems Inc612624.07
Sunnyvale Auto Body5131,571.46
Sunpower Corporation471,870.04
Supertex, Inc 341,280.54
Terry'S Cleaners 11472.18
Trimble Navigation Ltd 110.11
Trw Systems Integration Group 3787.16
Vaisala Hbu1160.26
Velma'S Dry Cleaners 11957.84
Vigobyte International83611,078.54
West Coast Auto Body56623.35
Westak Inc12563.98
Wl Gore & Associates Inc11921.60
Yahoo Corporate Headquarters66186.19