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Polluters in Suisun City, California
Solano Community College10285,214.19
Solano Garbage Company282822,038.27
Potrero Hills Landfill, Inc2021203,090.63
Jerico Products, Inc7172,494.20
Rudy'S Auto Body & Frame10141,123.83
Venoco, Inc7101,911.29
Aalba Dent, Inc490.11
Solano Concrete Company Inc28983.71
Bay Area Coffee Inc77262.00
Calpine Natural Gas Company6612,312.85
Gilroy Energy Center Llc For L661,389.20
Pacific Bell66158.57
Young Products352,149.01
Calpine Natural Gas Company552,112.80
A & W Auto Body Inc351,007.81
Totally Organized241,027.29
Dependable Plastics And Patter1410,612.09
Royale Operating Co14960.00
Calpine Natural Gas Company442,711.08
M German & Son13720.00
Park Place Cleaners222,261.10
State Of California110.00
Cal Yee Farms11208.00