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Polluters in Suisun City, California
Solano Garbage Company282822,038.27
Potrero Hills Landfill, Inc2021203,090.63
Rudy'S Auto Body & Frame10141,123.83
Solano Community College10285,214.19
Jerico Products, Inc7172,494.20
Venoco, Inc7101,911.29
Bay Area Coffee Inc77262.00
Gilroy Energy Center Llc For L661,389.20
Pacific Bell66158.57
Calpine Natural Gas Company6612,312.85
Calpine Natural Gas Company552,112.80
Aalba Dent, Inc490.11
Calpine Natural Gas Company442,711.08
A & W Auto Body Inc351,007.81
Young Products352,149.01
Park Place Cleaners222,261.10
Totally Organized241,027.29
Solano Concrete Company Inc28983.71
Cal Yee Farms11208.00
Royale Operating Co14960.00
State Of California110.00
M German & Son13720.00
Dependable Plastics And Patter1410,612.09