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Column information
Polluters in Stockton, California
7-11 Store #2251-14117515253.55
7-11 Store #2251-17334515206.34
7-11 Store #2251-20632515541.94
7-Eleven, Inc416240.52
7-Eleven, Inc416154.22
8309 Tujunga Avenue Corporatio66128,062.53
99 Shell515727.48
A-1 Cleaners11204.00
A-1 Cleaners11775.58
Ad-Art Inc13272,837.33
Airport Charter Shell515663.96
Am/Pm Mini Mart522680.57
American Door Manufacturing3122,079.60
American Moulding & Millwork8637,130.14
American Sign Products11103.40
Andersen Rack Systems, Inc6827,628.65
Anderson Moulds222.86
Angkor Auto Body And Paint22569.04
Apache Plastics, Lp33181.79
Applied Aerospace Str Corp61717,069.17
Applied Aerospace Structures1216597.83
Arcady Oil Co.28289,904.76
Arco #00595 - Mercedes L Acosta416602.74
Arco #02130 - W/N Food Store Inc416617.95
Arco #02133 - Peter Jacoway416577.32
Arco #02186 - Khai Quang Vo416504.33
Arco #04932 - Fawad M Ebrahimi416333.65
Arco #05450 - Robert Gweon416436.18
Arco #05469 - Wright Enterprises416584.26
Arco #06335-Bp West Coast Products Llc416481.67
Arco Am/Pm 2130 Env Compliance551,473.14
Arco Am/Pm 2168 Env Compliance5101,661.99
Arco Am/Pm 2186 Env Compliance5151,358.70
Arco Am/Pm 4493 Env Compliance5101,586.11
Arco Am/Pm 49325101,493.42
Arco Am/Pm 5450 Env Compliance5101,626.41
Arco Am/Pm 5469 Env Compliance5101,936.04
Arco Am/Pm 5569 Env Compliance5101,292.61
Arco Am/Pm 5650 Env Compliance510432.49
Arco Am/Pm 595, Env Compliance5101,542.79
Arco Gas #2133 Env Compliance5101,067.29
Arco Gas #548, Env Compliance510848.74
Aurora Body Works Inc.11128.50
Austin Road Landfill28287,774.87
B & B Body & Paint442,504.04
Bay Sulfur Company610244,762.05
Beacon Cardlock #610512201.10
Beacon Station #419515937.32
Beacon Station #474515937.60
Beacon Station 6415151,328.58
Ben Holt Shell5151,172.02
Big Valley Ford Body Shop22362.26
Bmmc Dba Us Intec330.06
Bobcat Central4160.84
Bokides Petroleum Inc.5757.88
Bp West Coast Products, Llc123620,914.52
Brea Agricultural Services11465.70
Brooks Concrete Products282840,502.10
Bruce'S Body Shop22264.03
Cal State Univ C/O Grupe Comme6192.08
California Car Wash41647.50
California Cedar Products484.90
California Fuels/Pacific Pride51070.54
California Fuels/Pacific Pride51064.35
California Spray Dry Co65444,208.16
Canepa'S Car Wash416118.83
Canepa'S Car Wash41684.37
Canepa'S Car Wash517435.35
Canepa'S Car Wash510609.95
Cannon Dry Cleaning Company11810.00
Cargill Incorporated138343,274.84
Cavallino Coachworks33552.58
Central Valley Fabricators12620.00
Charter Way Chevron515915.29
Chemical Lime Company39729.63
Chemical Transfer Co., Inc.110.00
Chevron Usa Products Company416765.64
Chevron Usa Products Company416419.96
Chevron Usa Products Company416454.82
Chevron Usa Products Company416214.61
Chevron Usa Products Company416525.07
Circle K #5448-Circle K Stores416203.64
Circle K #8671416204.66
Circle K Corporation #867155880.67
Circle K Stores Inc #5445416273.78
Circle K Stores Inc #5446416269.57
Circle K Stores Inc #5447416257.13
Circle K Stores Inc #5449416144.69
City Of Stockton61262.12
City Of Stockton612135.78
City Of Stockton6661.86
City Of Stockton61252.42
City Of Stockton Mun. Utility624967.90
City Of Stockton Municipal Uti66271.36
City Of Stockton, California6631.98
City Of Stockton, California6615.38
Clean Xpress111,080.00
Coit Drapery Capet & Upholster111,109.00
Collegeville Market & Cafe41675.77
Collision Repair & Sales22780.55
Conocophillips Company - 255886416470.90
Conopco Dba Unilever Best Food642102,270.17
Corn Products International760171,614.08
Country Club Shell515720.13
Country Club Shell416105.91
Cove Contractors2828324.45
Crivello & Disalvo Body & Pain331,442.98
D Devi Oil Company Inc416369.17
Dameron Hospital624857.10
Darpetro, Inc., Dba Gasco Oil515843.31
Del Monte Corporaton413145.64
Delta Plating Inc310309.76
Dentoni'S Welding Works, Inc.12320.00
Diamond Walnut Growers, Inc.1971307,944.88
Don'S Body Repair11336.51
Dopaco Inc.93448,072.50
Downing Ave Dump282840,502.10
Earthgrains Company758101,472.91
Elite Cleaners11194.00
Equilon Enterprises Llc11734,878.17
Equilon Stockton Terminal6126,350.00
Ernie'S General Store416139.43
Favorite Cleaners11675.00
Feed Commodities, L.L.C.61810,059.52
Felton Chevron #42755202,971.13
Filgans Container36980.22
Finest Care Cleaners11580.00
Fowler'S Body Shop331,464.02
Fred Vallar'S Exxon5151,098.39
Fremont Shell515873.78
French Camp Landfill Site28287,680.94
Gafmc Leatherback Industries69246,321.68
Graham Royalty Ltd.221,537.40
Grewal'S Gas & Liquor510260.67
H.J. Baker & Bros Inc.121,380.00
Haley Bros Inc343,952.00
Hammer I-5 Am/Pm416605.57
Heinz Usa838578.72
Herman & Helen'S Marina51262.06
Horizon Milling, Llc31612,142.76
Impact Promotions11575.32
Industrial Innovations, Inc.34485.60
Jamar Service5151,327.88
Jay Mcillrath416228.07
K & S Gas & Grocery416102.56
Kaiser Permanente Medical Ctr.6541,166.69
Khaldoon & Nouri Gas & Grocery510304.36
King Auto Body Shop11391.54
Laidlaw Corporation53722,648.96
Landmark Graphics, Inc.331,282.99
Leatherback Inds.110.07
Lesco, Inc5164,379.17
Main Street Beacon416184.24
March Lane Union 765121,327.27
Marigold Shell416192.62
Martin Metals282840,502.10
Mccormick & Baxter Creosoting312127.50
Mcgill Airflow Corporation11140.00
Meeks Building Center335.46
Mini-Stop Food & Gas5529.91
Miracle Mile Dry Cleaners111,620.00
Morada Chevron416343.52
Morada Dry Cleaners11187.00
My Mini Mart51055.86
N.J. Mccutchen, Inc.369,930.00
Naval Communication Station2189792.36
Nella Oil Co #42741694.74
Newark Sierra Paperboard Corp.591322,478.61
Northern California Womens Fac612180.95
Northside Shell515208.36
Northside Shell416116.80
Nuevo Energy Company64934,662.10
One Hour Martinizing11405.00
Pacific Bell66498.86
Paiges Towing558.29
Palisades Gas & Wash Inc416385.98
Panella Trucking, Inc.69468.57
Paradise Point Engine & Boat11109.00
Park Woods Cleaners11360.00
Parks Chevron #61715152,046.25
Parkwoods Cleaners112,632.50
Paulk James Auto Body & Paint334,627.18
Penny Newman Grain Company758127,267.50
Pershing Shell515565.71
Port Of Stockton6763,249.18
Posdef Power Company, L.P.31141585,018.22
Premdor Corporation378,514.84
Quick N Save515155.14
Quick Stop Market #120517671.55
Quick Stop Market #138515644.62
Quick Stop Market #144515641.46
Quick Stop Market #39510221.39
Quik Stop Market #144416265.38
Quik Stop Market #3941673.64
Quik Stop Market #76416146.55
Quik Stop Markets #132416276.07
Ragu Foods Co.719312.89
Rios Body Shop22307.37
Rite Way Cleaners114,050.00
Ron I. Takahashi Shell5152,190.06
Roofing Products, Inc.121.46
Rotor Blades, Inc.9181,613.75
S T Services31629,523.25
S T Services16630.66
San Joaquin Delta College61411,416.00
San Joaquin Packaging Corp372,951.50
Scott Screen Arts, Inc.111,402.39
Sepulveda'S Truck Painting & B331,998.74
Shell Food Mart5151,005.00
Shell Food Mart416196.86
Shell Gas Station515743.24
Shell Oil Company1228.00
Sierra Lumber Manufacturers396,157.84
Silgan Containers Mfr Corp1060118,994.05
Snow Cleaners Inc1129,592.00
Snyder Lithograph11355.41
St. Joseph'S Medical Center64368,148.76
Stockton Bumper Service3124,061.90
Stockton Cogen Company1553675,972.83
Stockton East Water District637112,560.34
Stockton Metropolitan Transit555.33
Stockton Municipal Utility6669.50
Stockton Municipal Utility61273.32
Stockton Municipal Utility663.93
Stockton Municipal Utility618213.57
Stockton Municipal Utility624476.86
Stockton Municipal Utility66115.99
Stockton Municipal Utility6615.73
Stockton Municipal Utility66739.43
Stockton Municipal Utility6695.74
Stockton Municipal Utility6660.07
Stockton Municipal Utility6624.27
Stockton Municipal Utility664.21
Stockton Municipal Utility624562.25
Stockton Municipal Utility61233.23
Stockton Municipal Utility61242.86
Stockton Municipal Utility612257.33
Stockton Municipal Utility618823.06
Stockton Municipal Utility6623.20
Stockton Port District6241,207.12
Stockton Rwcf6252,774.28
Stockton Tri-Industries, Inc397,379.45
Strocal Inc.22500.00
Sumiden Wire Products61340,852.67
Sunshine Cement, Inc3914,528.26
Tesoro Refining Marketing11155,307.02
The Herrick Corporation7194,173.70
Three Palms Grocery51041.45
Thrifty Oil Company5151,010.45
Top Filling Station510110.22
Tri-Valley Growers Plant #4416563.97
U S A Petroleum416369.56
U S Intec Inc.61320,735.44
Unico Auto Painting & Body Rep11528.60
Union Oil Company512979.65
Unocal Oil And Gas Division55470.07
Us Navy Communication Station Landfill282840,502.10
Usa Petroleum #110515122.57
Usa Petroleum Corporation416211.31
Valimet, Inc6159,689.86
Valley Lumber & Supply Co.348.68
Valley Pattern & Mfg Inc.643495.26
Valley Plastics31148.72
Valley Plating110.00
Valley Systems5521.33
Valley Tomato Products, Inc.22233.76
Van De Pol Enterprises41654.77
Village West Marina41623.39
Vintage Petroleum Inc61212,926.17
Walt'S Body & Paint11301.69
Washington Mutual Bank C/O Cb661,398.78
Waterfront Yacht Harbor5788.83
Waterloo Liquors416133.93
West Lane Fuels515742.12
Western Square Industries Inc510355.80
Westway Feed Prods. Co.123,989.00
Wlm, Inc.416122.72
World Enterprises Turnpike Road Lf28289,904.76