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Polluters in South Gate, California
Air Nail Company 11790.32
Anadite Inc102219,621.42
Armstrong World Industries Inc1267123,192.43
Arnco 6232,620.00
Artistic Brass4433,358.00
Astro Aluminum Treating Co Inc718102,978.40
Atlantic Richfield Co/Arco Vin15168148,504.23
Baker Tanks Inc. 61202,657.72
Bell Foundry Co991,170.82
Consolidated Drum Reconditioning Co Inc91211,940.50
E & J Furn Finishing 11770.56
Eppink Of California 11111,940.00
Flewelling Div, Eck-Adams Corp71618,266.75
Guardsman Products Inc5525,111.00
Hon Co. South Gate Plant -Report Year 19991217,511.70
Kustom Fit Mfg Co 91027,035.68
La Chem Co1177.00
Liberty Container Co, Key Cont62010,673.12
Lunday-Thagard Oil Co 21227105,283.60
Pacific Alloy Castings Inc 51912,484.91
Shultz Steel Co 9226139,017.00
Techni-Cast Corp.111.00
The Hon Co 829201,355.06
The Pq Corp162283,930.88
Titan Ind91814,743.74
Us Gypsum Co 113472,072.84