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Polluters in Simi Valley, California
Arco Facility #961755542.08
Arco Facility #961855491.78
Arco Facility #961955444.44
Barnett (C. R.) Tank Farm141,049.50
Bob Beaty Ford99884.76
Bundy & Bevilacqua, Inc.99542.92
Bundy & Bevilacqua, Inc.991,893.53
Calmat Company640122,612.88
Canyon Rock, Sand & Gravel25781,096.58
Chevron #20203755406.25
Circle K #523655161.57
City Of Simi Valley Public Ser6367,714.90
Eldorado Auto Body, Inc.991,675.69
Enderle Fuel Injection22401.55
George'S Auto Body99209.46
Gts Customs99460.81
Hydro Systems Inc.2721,740.69
Impressions West33175.98
Malabar International120.00
Midland Color Ink Technology11112,191.78
Mobil Oil 11-Jro (G&G)55629.10
Mobil Oil 11-Kyl(Tapo Canyon)55544.74
Natel Engineering4136,871.00
Nptest L.L.C.112.00
O'Loughlin & Company (1)112.25
P.W. Gillibrand Co.555.03
P.W. Gillibrand Company Sand62273,722.78
Paradise Sandblasting880.01
Pre-Con Products Ltd24308.00
Pride Of The West5522.19
Rancho Simi Park Swimming Pool61814,924.90
Rockwell Area 1 & 2282813,179.82
Royal Coatings13217,292.62
Santa Susana Field Lab.2920534,565.93
Santa Susana Field Laboratory26258601,943.34
Santa Susana Tapo Road 196228281,650.36
Schlumberger Technologies12163,160.02
Shell Station55355.68
Simi Valley Adventist Hospital27741,953.91
Simi Valley Auto Body99787.57
Simi Valley Car Wash5536.10
Simi Valley Landfill5081219,011.89
Simi Valley Royal Ave. 1962282813,179.82
Simi Vly Cnty Sanitation164033,129.59
Spragues' Rock And Sand Co222,525.60
Star Auto Body Shop99343.52
Tanks D' Art23105.68
Tapo Rock & Sand Products6321,522.58
Tencal Inc.6816.61
Texaco #106-118455488.82
The Body Shop992,513.53
Tierra Rejada Landfill28281,650.36
Tosco #606755370.48
Tosco Corporation Site #3124455622.27
Unocal #3074255349.17
Unocal #3075055375.51
Unocal #3097455329.94
Vintage Petroleum Inc.3429533,817.98
Vista Landscape Lighting681,529.98
Wambold Furniture927113,320.93
William L. Morris Chevrolet991,144.49
World Class Paint & Body10113,384.08