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Polluters in Santa Monica, California
Bae Sys.110.81
Bon Voyage Body Shop 683,980.00
City Of Santa Monica Landfill #228287,906.20
Component Research Co Inc 7112,874.61
Dekel Construction And Develop351,202.10
Earl Scheib Of Cal Inc 135,180.00
Flair Inc, Flair Cleaners 674,261.46
G & H Technology Inc.224,560.20
Holmes Body Shop-Santa Monica-693,461.71
Lear Astronics Corporation6626,183.00
Lexus Of Santa Monica 697,400.00
Marconi Astronics Inc 124645,474.88
Miramar Hotel 6173,748.79
Rand Corp 6311,620.00
Saint John'S Hospital & Health107088,661.73
Santa Monica Ford Inc 138,380.00
Santa Monica Hospital Inc1010476.92
Santa Monica Muni6121,317,441.43
The Gillette Co, Paper Mate Gr11188,293.80