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Polluters in Santa Maria, California
Cat Canyon2422902,524,780.22
Chevron U.S.A. - Cat Canyon85752,513.28
City Of Santa Maria Landfill131312,708.86
City Of Santa Maria Wastewater Plant1344206.00
Clark Avenue Source24795466,270.71
Conway - Brooking245219,946.73
Conway - Enos19897,399.16
Conway - Goodwin6480.00
Conway - Waite Bradley Lease16671,434.62
Conway Oil, Inc. - Hancock165562,675.83
Conway Oil, Inc. - Magenheimer24296202,790.06
County Of Santa Barbara/Laguna Sant.Dst15271,909.01
Early Santa Maria Landfill2828181.69
Easter Rents631364.92
Engel & Gray, Incorporated251622,212.38
Gato Corporation24603836,284.52
Gato Ridge24531431,980.03
Gitte-Ten - Careaga247522,526.57
Grayson Service - Cat Canyon16761,107.62
Grayson Service - Tompkins2447199,646.79
Hanson Aggregates Mid-Pacific - Various660.00
Health Sanitation Service26521,928.11
Hunter - Careaga960751.44
Irving E Jenson Property282822,038.27
Los Flores24381232,978.15
Marian Medical Center15786,735.74
Midstate Concrete Products, Inc.31525.86
Mission Linen Supply15157,043.16
Phoenix Energy, Inc.136015,289.74
Pictsweet Frozen Foods16461,786.00
Preisker Park2828834.91
Purisima Hills Llc- Barham Ranch24232338,529.93
Pyramid - Delaney/Tunnel6490.00
R.M.R. Incorporated6500.00
Robert Wilks Property2828834.91
Santa Maria Cogen, Inc.7732,071.24
Santa Maria Concrete Batch Plant103811,096.64
Santa Maria Pump Station26711,866.57
Santa Maria Refining - Armelin24154274,748.73
Santa Maria Refuse Disposal Site282816,827.21
Shields Site / Valenta'S Illegal Dump2828970.67
Sisquoc Sand, Rock And Gravel Plant1719093,525.54
Smrc/Union Sugar248322,236,107.16
Smv East24586735,814.08
Texaco - Fugler110.00
The Okonite Company1646657,105.26
Union Asphalt167224,157.55
Union Asphalt - 1529 E. Donovan Rd107518,220.34
Union Asphalt - 1625 E. Donovan Rd441,779.85
Union Asphalt - Garey Area712029,493.33