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Polluters in Santa Cruz, California
Abbas Ali Nazemi117.83
Almar Cleaners11759.00
Ameripak Oil Co. Llc115.67
Andy Saberi119.43
Bariteaus Of Santa Cruz, Inc.112,180.00
Ben Lomond Cya Disposal Site282814,242.21
Brian W. Neuschwander116.48
Chevron Products Company1113.07
Chevron Products Company1112.01
Chevron Products Company119.10
City Of Santa Cruz - Wastewater Trmt Plt638161,603.48
Classic Cleaners111,328.00
Co Of Santa Cruz - Gen Service18283,800.93
Conocophillips Company118.05
Conocophillips Company114.01
Conocophillips Company1126.77
Conocophillips Company114.50
Del Mar Cleaners111,241.00
Devco Oil Co.127.29
East Cliff One Hour Cleaners11285.00
Henry And Tony Nguyen114.86
Landfill Generating Partners2225,496.00
Live Oak American116.64
Lockheed Missiles & Space Corp Ds2828277.88
Naft Petroleum, Inc.114.78
Owl Companies5546,944.44
Pacific Dry Cleaners11908.00
Palisades Gas & Wash, Inc.116.17
Regatta Ventures, Lp116.07
Robinson Oil Corporation1115.26
Santa Cruz City Sanitary Landfill28282,067.46
Scott Sprenger113.88
Ultramar Inc.1113.84
Ultramar Inc.1115.55
Ultramar Inc.1114.41
Ultramar Inc.1110.20
Valero Marketing And Supply Co.1113.49
Vapor Cleaners112,562.00
Willow Creek Illegal Dump Site28283,514.27