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Polluters in Santa Clara, California
88 Auto Body2318.99
A Tool Shed, Inc2465.54
Abbott Laboratories1140.80
Advanced Micro Devices Inc241.31
Advanced Power Technology-Rf I46462.12
Agilent Technologies, Inc113013,131.33
Agilent Technologies, Inc5620,411.64
Akins Collision Center Inc4104,545.90
Akt America Incorporated1170.40
All City Auto Body331,567.76
All Purpose / Mission Trails Landfill2828570.17
Alzeta Corporation 224.83
American Microsystems, Inc112.91
Analog Devices,Pmi Division41321,371.13
Anderson Behel, Inc7107,583.43
Angela'S Cleaners 111,288.37
Applied Materials23343.50
Applied Materials143413,185.12
Applied Materials1142.40
Applied Materials Inc12803.83
Applied Materials, Building 7811264.00
Arne Sign & Decal Company12858.00
At&T Wireless - Santa Clara Sw6123,376.07
Att Wireless Services66184.19
B R & F Spray, Inc2157,176.11
B&B Saab25855.59
Bellomy Cleaners221,835.00
Beta Circuits Inc310710.21
Bi-City Paint & Body Shop Inc47632.11
Bob'S Screen & Graphics, Inc111,256.00
Bourns Inc 11222.26
Byington Steel Treating, Inc11418.40
California Paperboard Corporat81394,216.70
California Radomes, Inc5185,705.80
Castro Body Shop45245.76
Catalytica Energy Systems Inc882,356.07
Celeritek Inc492,943.20
Celeritek Wireless Subsystems11231.20
Centaur Pharmaceuticals Inc 122,078.58
Champion Auto Body & Repair 22120.59
Chip Express Corporation33355.66
Cirexx Corporation4106,316.33
Citation Press1711,904.00
City Of Santa Clara16367,114.35
City Of Santa Clara161683,132.09
City Of Santa Clara, Silicon V817247,626.15
Classic Cleaners11566.61
Coatek, Inc5515,841.62
Coherent Inc121,125.25
Complete R V Service & Repair347.34
Conners Body Shop23513.46
Creative Exhibits3450.35
Creative Laminates Inc 11519.48
Crystal Cleaners11319.96
Crystal One Hour Martinizing11644.18
Custom Paint Finish341,003.36
Delias Cleaners Inc11135.00
Diana Fruit Company, Inc81710,384.31
Dry Clean 4 U22609.63
Dupont Photomasks Inc - Santa8204,381.81
Ecs Refining930565.35
El Camino Body Shop Inc3112,029.50
Electroglas Inc12788.80
Electroglas, Inc222.81
Epz Incorporated11138.32
Eurocolor Auto Painting451,676.93
Excel Circuits374,895.81
Excelics Semiconductor Inc56844.73
Exxon Company C/O Etic110.01
Exxon Company, C/O Etic110.19
F&S Auto Body Ltd Co1396.26
Fairway Cleaners22881.32
Filtronic Solid State582,872.92
Finishing First Inc231,432.46
Fmc Facility2828285.51
Fmg Enterprises Inc492,844.88
Franks Frame & Body Shop33212.08
Frontier Auto Body475,546.48
Geo Plexus Inc110.70
German Auto Body Shop12683.58
Gilbert Spray Coat585,206.89
Great Auto Body & Frame12772.29
Guidant Corporation122,386.40
Hadco Santa Clara Inc346,007.69
Heartwood Cabinets 11453.44
Hedb Corporation33493.20
Hiler'S Advanced Auto Body45952.20
Hill Mfg, Llc384,265.64
Hitachi Data Systems663,702.97
Holland Cleaners11741.99
Homestead Cleaners11607.08
Homestead Road Property C/O At110.03
Honeywell International1267,384.70
Honeywell, Inc4413.52
Hunter Technology Division241,456.07
Integrated Device Technology,69966.45
Integrated Silicon Solution In12168.00
Intel Corporation185625,239.62
Intel Corporation23682.90
Intel Corporation2330.35
International Spray Painting16913.60
Intevac Industries, Inc253,511.19
Italix Company, Incorporated477,775.09
J & B Enterprises7135,968.05
Jds Uniphase Corporation185,542.20
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation42337,100.55
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation823807,996.48
Jip Products Finishing Inc34964.41
K Auto Body248.09
Kaiser Foundation Hospital140.20
Killarney Cleaners22863.10
L&P Machine Company12522.17
La Herran Family Trust C/O Atc22667.71
Lambda Advanced Analog, Inc152,462.40
Leat Company Printing & Graphi12848.00
Lsi Logic Corporation556,210.55
Lumenis, Inc12475.42
Luxtron Corporation 12659.55
M'S Refinishing36947.91
Marbled Elegance121,720.00
Marbled Elegance 11836.03
Mel'S Cleaners & Drapery Servi111,146.72
Memorex Drive Llc223,150.13
Micrel Synergy Semiconductor464,825.60
Mission Trail Waste Systems9127,761.74
Nancy'S Cleaners11600.34
National Semiconductor Corpora104710,504.12
Nelson'S Cleaners 111,015.18
Norcal Waste Systems Inc - Sou12839.52
Nu-Metal Finishing11112.00
One Hour Mart Cleaners11340.92
One Hour Mart Cleaners 11304.44
Our'S Auto Body & Paint251,664.63
Owens Corning141461,161,695.91
Pacific Bell66792.37
Pacific Recovery Corporation2127116,408.04
Paint Trends121,339.93
Paragon Electronic Systems Inc3116,765.54
Paramount'S Great America7133,445.73
Pat'S Auto Body22161.05
Peninsula Coating Services Inc22124.93
Perfect Cleaners 11328.12
Perkin Elmer, Inc - Optoelectr92338,983.80
Pk Selective Metal Plating12883.20
Precision Echo, Inc 11111.75
Premier Body Shop, Llc132,485.07
Protect-O-Top 122,442.53
Proto Paint337,255.43
Pycon, Inc41310,068.85
Qualtech Circuits, Inc14826.00
Quantrad Sensor22295.96
Raisch Co C/O Reed & Graham4951,358.81
Ray L Hellwig Plumbing & Heati2235.01
Reaction Technology Inc11143.20
Rmc Pacific Materials Inc249,988.39
Sae Circuits, Incorporated4125,028.26
Sam Sung Auto Body1138.72
San Felipe Cleaner111,008.78
San Jose Refinishing Company2112,702.88
Sanmina - Santa Clara11132,254.62
Santa Clara Auto Body242,352.44
Santa Clara Auto Care452,369.00
Santa Clara Auto Center12340.03
Scientific Metal Finishing Inc8308,304.98
Sdl Inc 231,567.68
Semtech Santa Clara 345,223.87
Siliconix, Incorporated6146,004.33
Smtek International, Inc12925.41
Smtek Santa Clara Inc.115.00
Specialty Solid Waste & Recycl13480.64
Spectra, Inc11403.91
Spray Technology2102,766.12
Spraytronics Inc32125,638.34
Srs Gilbert Industrial Coating6163,542.53
St Claire Cadillac 2269.62
Star Spray243,571.67
Stevens Creek Acura12420.00
Stevens Creek Buick, Pontiac,11321,910.77
Stevens Creek Dodge'S Body Sho162,665.33
Storm Products Co15615.51
Summit Industrial Equipment In1125.99
Sun Circuits,Inc4643,690.03
Sun Microsystems Inc612456.14
Superior Powder Coating 110.00
Svpc Partners, Llc255,528.25
Technical Coatings Co 125.38
The Paint Shop141,868.55
The Way Auto Body121,235.20
Tiffany Cleaners221,391.32
Top Gun Industrial Finishing24980.00
Twin Industries11780.21
Tyco Printed Circuit Group Inc1229.64
Tyco Santa Clara31624,622.62
U S Foam Inc81346,372.64
Ugm, Inc11390.40
Unisil 1141.63
Unisil Acquisition Corp24733.62
Unisil Acquisition Corporation112,363.65
United Defense Corp Technology24316.28
United Defense Lp142,675.23
United Defense Lp-Ground Sys. Div.111,070.00
Verizon Wireless Santa Clara S66508.25
Visssix Corporation37412.90
Vivid Inc8498,374.12
Waste Management Of Santa Clar221,430.52
Western Precision Inc12806.15
Western Spray Painting, Inc 120.01
Wm H Muller Printing Co, Inc3136,980.01
Works Auto Body381,912.93
Y & D Cabinet Shop112,746.36