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Polluters in San Mateo, California
3rd Ave Lf / San Mateo Composting Site2828318.39
A-1 Cleaners 11876.90
Abc Body Shop231,781.46
Alameda Newspaper Group/San Ma2511,090.83
All Action Autobody/Aki'S Auto34178.19
All Car Auto Painting & Body R811889.15
Alpha Graphics #35812408.00
Arco Station No 515 C/O Urs22393.42
Auto Europa Auto Body22712.23
Auto Expert Body Shop1144.27
Auto Metal Service 112.15
B-2 Auto Body24503.60
Bayshore Autobody11156.76
Bayshore International Trucks57927.92
Best Of The Bay Auto Body12690.29
Best Of The Bay Collision Repa119.77
Blue Bird Cleaners221,466.37
Blue Ribbon Cleaners221,164.94
Bofors-Lithographix, Incorpora21126,218.68
Borel Cleaners 11284.15
Borel Cleaners11945.90
Carl'S Auto Body11143.26
Carl'S Fine Dry Cleaning221,930.28
Chakalian Holiday Cleaners 111,011.81
Cleaning By Eddie22559.66
Costelli & Pardini Auto Body262,903.96
Cray Cleaners 11944.35
Crystal Cleaning Center221,125.20
Dean'S Auto Body & Painting231,127.57
Dura Finish Of San Mateo3811,002.27
E R Porter Marble Products Co 11840.92
Environmental Support Technolo110.02
Eric Pennington Body And Paint261,993.50
Express Drapery Cleaners11610.58
Fiesta Valet 11121.42
Franklin Templeton Companies I618867.77
Hills Cleaners221,268.51
Holiday Cleaners22680.50
Holiday Cleaners 11539.63
Holiday Cleaners11551.89
J & C One Hour Cleaners 11202.36
Jr'S Auto Body Specialists 1222.45
Kin'S Cabinets1193.61
Los Prados Cleaners 11559.87
Major Cleaners11451.94
Merlex Auto Body5523.28
Mills Health Center15256,214.22
Miracle Auto Painting 22328.99
New A-1 Cleaners11740.52
New Look Auto Body 2267.46
Nou Veau Cleaners 111,079.26
Olsen Auto Body Repair232,104.25
Palm Avenue Motors Inc8123,295.69
Paramount Collision Specialist22116.22
Park'S Wardrobe Cleaners22916.30
Parkside Plaza Cleaners 111,875.22
Peter Pan Motors Inc141,348.00
Platinum Auto Specialist13815.95
Polhemus Cleaners And Laundry 11829.01
Priola Body Shop22211.43
Remediation Risk Management, I110.28
San Mateo County General Hospi360.31
San Mateo Water Quality Contro216413,289.81
Siebel Systems Inc66641.80
Skylawn Memorial Park 120.02
Skyline Dump2828318.39
Steels Body Shop 1117.63
Sunrise Cleaners22808.37
The Hawkins Co 110.09
The House Of Coffee220.14
The Printing Press112.54
Top Hat Cleaners221,294.23
Town & Country Cleaners221,556.33
Wickland Oil Company11634.33
Williams Autobody & Paint343,571.50