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Polluters in San Luis Obispo, California
Air-Vol Block682,390.56
American Eagle Airlines, Inc11234.61
Arco # 60331113.64
Arco Am/Pm1111.97
B & B Body Shop112,183.39
Barnes Furniture11637.58
Blake Printing And Publishing116,612.00
Brooks Woodcraft11564.56
Cal Poly Landfill28283,514.27
Cal Poly State U115316,676.62
Calabel, Llc111,240.00
California Mens Colony165854,332.57
California Valley Landfill2828298.41
Camp San Luis Obispo2332.08
Cbi Water61138,695.48
Chevron # 917171114.79
Chevron Station #90150118.56
Chevron Station #981691110.55
Circle K Stores, Inc 113.87
City Of San Luis Obispo22461.89
Cold Canyon Landfill, Inc61021,662.47
Conoco Phillips #255798113.84
Conoco Phillips #256053110.73
Conoco Phillips #256293114.41
Cslo Animal Regs282814,242.21
Cslo Pennington Creek Landfill2828970.67
Cuesta Cadillac & Olds110.00
Cuesta College Eng/Tech11416.02
Dye Property / Old Cold Canyon Landfill2828970.67
Eagle Energy Cardlock110.66
Ernie Ball, Inc.118,260.74
Foothill Texaco #121063111.01
French Hospital6131,056.74
Hanson Aggregates Mid-Pacific224,354.87
Higuera Auto Body111,199.08
Hong'S Quality Auto Metal Work11363.82
J. B. Dewar, Inc132,637.60
Jefferis Auto Body11836.07
Jj'S Landscape Products222.58
John'S 76114.40
Ken'S Auto Body11353.92
Laguna Cleaners22170.24
Laguna Shell #136023117.07
Los Osos Valley Shell #120570113.70
Mobil Oil Corporation 18-G8k115.13
Monterey Beacon111.57
Otis Auto Body113,311.01
Paul'S Dry Cleaners221,112.21
Perry Ford11264.96
Plains Exploration916140,598.85
Progressive Auto Art111,046.29
Promega Biosciences89688.08
Rainbow Auto Painting113,953.10
Reid'S Auto Body Works11696.24
San Luis Autobody114,318.62
San Luis Chevron116.97
San Luis Customs11918.65
San Luis Garbage11696.00
San Luis Obispo Shell #136024115.09
San Luis Paints111,472.00
San Luis Sourdough6935,509.78
San Luisdowntown Shell #136026115.62
Shell # 136025 (Madonna)115.12
Sheriff'S Dept. Animal Service1315635.79
Sierra Vista Reg Med Center6125,325.47
Story Park, Camp San Luis Obispo (Cslb)28283,514.27
Strasbaugh, Inc11736.78
Sunset Honda11329.12
The Tribune114,808.00
Union Asphalt Ready Mix228,633.24
Union Oil Company Of Ca442106.53
Unocal Refining And Mktg Div.2266415.32
Unocal Refining And Mktg Div.28134233.78
Unocal Refining And Mktg Div.4265.96
Villa Automotive111,843.30
Vintage Autobody111,688.19
Wallace Computer Services118,560.00
Woods Humane Society1315408.29