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Polluters in San Leandro, California
Maxwell House, Div Of Kraft Fo910357,552.99
Vertis, Inc66345,227.86
Grace Container Products115521,845.77
Triangle Coatings, Inc65122,442.38
Ghirardelli Chocolate Co84117,117.00
G-P Gypsum Corporation163950,795.65
Production Pattern & Foundry7375,210.77
Wyman-Gordon Company - San Lea11362,595.44
Davis Street Smart933147,599.98
Jbr, Inc9324,155.17
San Leandro Marina / Tony Lema Golf Course28281,715.36
San Leandro Landfill28287,906.20
Pechiney Plastic Packaging, In22353,510.22
Samuel Bingham Company10221,276.15
Fairmont Hospital 2201.27
County Of Alameda618877.12
Safeway Milk Plant8161,783.83
Strategic Materials, Inc61435,294.45
Sun Chemical Corporation3142,942.52
The Collision Center9131,313.62
Spectrum Body & Paint4122,700.48
Weyerhaeuser Company61228,743.88
Cultured Marble Products31058,032.19
Ridge Foundry, Inc4101,100.39
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodywork495,585.82
Specialties Products/Willamett6914,685.17
Silgan Containers Manufacturin3925,022.98
Us Ink A Division Of Sun Chemi3910,093.11
Andres Metal Craft68730.54
L A Smith & Sons Body Shop383,937.65
Fabricated Metals, Inc 483,981.11
Dependable Furniture Manufactu1847,368.24
Coast Counties Truck & Equipme382,221.63
Treasure Chest Advertising Co,180.01
Simpson Company78890.84
Moeller Bros Body Shop Inc373,096.07
Norco Billings Printing173,128.37
San Francisco Italian Foods675,288.21
Dlugosh Cabinet And Fixture In272,230.71
Tom Eplin'S Body Shop162,474.88
Airgas-Northern Calif & Nevada561,769.72
Dakota Press162,572.00
Rexam Beverage Can Company1649,940.32
Pacific Bell66487.47
Custom Mike'S Body Shop56430.30
San Leandro Water Pollution Co562,114.18
Kaneka Texas Corporation6610,072.10
East Bay Dischargers Authority66170.33
Specialty Graphics, Inc152,938.00
Unimax Auto Craft141,691.35
Hunter Schlesser Sandblasting243,326.40
Absolute Auto And Truck Repair143,784.76
Nelson'S Body Shop244,418.47
Precision Manufacturing Llc143,375.94
Haulaway Containers342,051.10
The Garage24728.12
Unimax Auto Craft348.71
Oscar'S Auto Body & Towing14942.40
J & B Painting Company1464.60
Prescolite, Div Of U S I Inc 23234.96
Auto Craft Body Shop3387.45
Buster'S Motor Home & Auto Bod23409.09
Page Packaging Corporation131,882.00
Castro Street Body Shop3333.77
Miracle Auto Painting136,965.93
Metal Specialties Co238.83
Cintas 330.66
By Faith Auto Body Shop Inc2325.40
Little Red'S Automotive Collis23163.80
Cherry City Cleaners221,241.81
Dryclean Usa222,141.82
Fairmont Cleaners221,234.65
Acme Fixture & Casework Inc 22294.73
Alameda County Medical Center 220.66
Sunshine Cleaners221,700.61
Kizanis Custom Cabinets122,723.05
Melody Cleaners22480.78
Gene'S Cleaners221,816.70
Barstad & Donicht Inc12658.00
Titan Systems Corporation, Pul12735.20
Genlyte Thomas Group, Llc12688.00
K/P Corporation124,186.09
Don'S Transmissions12222.40
Group Ii Body & Paint12212.79
Goodwood Cabinets, Inc121,721.57
Precision Die Cutting12452.00
Quick Kleeners221,061.95
Chad'S Auto Body12314.24
A Quality Auto Painting121,277.79
Enthusiast Automotive2229.33
Tgr Container Sales12106.71
San Leandro Hospital120.10
Fantastic Cleaners221,231.23
Epe Industries Inc 224.67
New England Lead Burning Co, I227.92
Bancroft Cleaners221,509.11
Prettyman & Warren 2232.38
Dynasty Cleaners221,817.76
Champion Carpet & Wood Service11162.83
County Of Alameda Public Works110.00
Swiss Valley Cleaners 11188.87
Sotirkos Designs 11273.53
Davis Cleaners 11607.08
Tesoro Refining & Marketing Co11120.16
Associated Aerospace Activitie11935.20
Russell Heath Cleaners11792.21
East Bay Bumpers111,114.35
Copper Harbor Company11927.82
Fashion Cleaners1193.61
Foamex, L P11125.52
Waste Management Inc11398.89
Gary'S Heat Cleaning110.00
Betts Spring Co 1122.33
Gerald Macauley110.00
Fashion Cleaners 11667.79
Bal Cleaners11134.91
Four Seasons Cleaners 111,531.20
San Leandro Surgery Center 1113.42
Equilon Enterprises 112.64
Mike'S Custom Auto Body 1127.53
Windmill Cleaners And Tailors 11209.11
Ultramar Inc C/O Doulos Enviro110.68
Nestle Usa, Inc C/O Arcadis,1117.28
Western Pacific Container Corp11742.33
Palmer Displays1152.98
Eden Center Partners114.30
Windsor Cleaners 11600.34
Nova Industries, Inc110.00