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Column information
Polluters in San Jose, California
4 Bros Body Shop3372.41
A & M Auto Body11127.15
A & M Paint & Body Shop11491.81
A & Willtz Auto Body361,745.36
A Classic Finish23320.17
A I C Stripping & Sandblasting110.01
Acevedo'S Body Shop 110.12
Act Electronics Inc.110.25
Act Manufacturing11130.40
Adaptive Circuits285,678.92
Adept Technology, Inc 2211.08
Advanced Metal Finishers Inc21310,141.38
Agilent Technologies, Inc186525,541.34
Agnews State Hospital810252.44
Aim Spray Inc1115,075.31
Airtronics Metal Products8121,829.24
Albertsons #710266266.68
All Auto Body & Frame 363,916.06
Almaden Body & Paint251,757.70
Almaden Valley Collision 11224.81
Almaden Valley Upholstery & Bo3348.95
Alongi Brothers Collision And 45164.05
Altera Corporation6121,993.26
Alto'S Auto Collision227.31
Amberwood Products, Inc398,144.99
America Import Auto Body112.68
American Airlines122.40
American Cabinet Company221,484.64
American Custom Marble, Inc3320,896.28
Anderson Behel Imports13986.40
Andy'S Auto Sport Inc220.59
Applied Anodize Inc250.01
Applied Biosystems24709.00
Aptek Inc393,449.01
Apw Enclosure Systems Llc310833.15
Architectural Facades Unlimite11791.46
Arco C/O Secor110.01
Arco C/O Secor 1111.76
Arco C/O Secor110.49
Arena Auto Body & Painting11584.03
Aromat Corporation 120.13
Arrow Cleaners 111,976.40
Arseen Auto Body 111.02
Art Cleaners22801.66
Asml Track Systems13847.54
Asml Us, Inc, Track Systems 2248.67
Atcor Corporation111,434.40
Atmel Corporation1179.20
Auto Dimensions3329.96
Auto Sport Pro-Body Shop381,341.79
Auto Tech Collision Center131,956.58
Auto West Collision3145,699.59
Autoexact Collision & Paint33303.64
Axial Industries174,247.97
Azevedo Quarry163462,577.76
Azie'S Auto Body & Frame Shop1181.41
B & H Finishing3134,306.79
B & M Auto Body 338.71
B-Line Body Shop Inc2135,756.98
Baggese Brothers Shell C/O Eti112.90
Bascom Best Cleaners22371.81
Bay Area Labels1182.43
Bay Drycleaners111,112.17
Becton Dickinson Immunocytomet8176,213.74
Behring Diagnostics, Inc9188,550.79
Benjamin'S Cleaners221,927.36
Benson Cleaners 11654.30
Best Bumpers Inc 1148.85
Bfi Waste Systems Of North Ame362,488.88
Bien Hoa Auto Body & Paint336.62
Blossom Hill Printing11192.00
Blossom Valley Collision253,221.65
Body & Paint Specialists13502.89
Bodylines Body Shop23753.65
Bona'S Cleaners 11822.94
Bonded Cleaners221,401.79
Bonded Cleaners223,027.04
Boston Scientific Corporation111,323.20
Bp Oil Company C/O Alisto Engi111,296.60
Branham Lane Cleaners22711.31
Bret Harte Cleaners22850.38
Brothers Body Shop3386.07
Budget Cleaners221,769.72
Burke Industries, Inc8116,887.64
Busch Semiconductor Vacuum Gro1262.29
C & H Autobody & Repair455.09
Cabinet Craft262,728.88
Cal Printing153,090.00
Caldo Oil Company C/O Weiss As33264.12
Cali Cleaners 111,875.22
Camaro Cleaners111,304.98
Cambrian Cleaners222,527.22
Cambrian Plaza Dry Cleaners225,087.63
Camden Cleaners22636.24
Camper Shell Center3310,484.53
Candescent Technologies Corp4511,227.58
Capitol Auto Body Inc33696.01
Capitol Collision Repair82115,928.84
Capitol Ford 33755.87
Cardinal Industrial Finishes131,128.64
Central Concrete Supply2610,234.74
Central Concrete Supply Compan241,863.06
Central Concrete Supply Compan269,126.13
Central County Occupational Ce44380.63
Centruy Collision And Repair C23408.75
Chevron Products Company75479,363.77
Chick Packaging Of Northern Ca335,747.97
Circuit Link Inc 222,382.74
Cirpro Technology, Inc25533.03
Cisco Systems Inc11120.00
Cisco Systems, Site 4 Campus,66217.34
City Body Repairs24826.57
City Cleaners222,060.48
City Collision 13364.83
City Collision Center22126.03
City Of Paris Cleaners11744.71
City Of San Jose (Singleton Ro161615,101.54
City Of San Jose Fire Training440.84
Clean Harbors San Jose L.L.C.247.10
Clean Harbors San Jose, Llc35955.87
Clean Shop Cleaners 11930.86
Cleaner Cleaners, The22686.96
Cleaning & Alteration Shop 11809.45
Cleaning & Alteration Shop221,577.42
Cleaning & Alteration Shop11565.87
Clear Oak Designs141,968.15
Coast Oil Company103238,802.05
Collision Repair Specialists121,767.09
Commercial Fueling Systems C/O110.70
Computer & Electronic Finishin7101,198.51
Computer Cabinet Corporation 411112.57
Concrete Readymix, Inc21258,651.46
Country Club Cleaners 11741.99
County Of Santa Clara161613,591.38
Courtside Cleaners22619.79
Coyote / Hellyer Park Landfill2828285.51
Creative Exhibits121,434.43
Creative Laminates Inc111,009.63
Crown Cleaners11376.39
Crystal Clear Cleaners221,002.26
Custom Cleaners221,133.21
Custom Cleaners #222516.16
Cypress Semiconductor123,112.55
Data Circuit Systems Inc2135,973.59
Data Circuits Sys.115.00
Del Monte Corporation Plant #32416.47
Delia'S Cleaners, Inc113,804.74
Dept Of Convention & Cultural8162,805.81
Designer Sign Systems 223.50
Dext Company794,399.21
Diagnostic X-Ray, Inc484,029.45
Diamond Cleaners22852.46
Diamond Z Manufacturing61227,669.21
Dong Tien Auto Body & Repair334.72
Double Tree Hotel 110.02
Dry Clean America 11844.52
Dryclean Plus221,271.11
Dryclean Usa221,323.62
Dynavision Inc162,546.00
Earl Scheib Auto Paint Shop3910,239.98
Eastside Body Shop3327.36
Ecolab Inc3515,384.92
Econo Cleaners 11812.82
Ed'S Scientific Auto Body35936.05
Edwina'S Cleaners11462.47
Eldon Drapery Cleaners11134.91
Emilio'S Body Shop13545.48
Empire Collision Center11143.26
Equilon Enterprises Llc-San Jo74218,490.40
Equiva Services Llc C/O Toxich11359.08
Espanas Collision Repair23701.70
Evergreen Cleaners11580.10
Exchange Linen Service Of Cali881,575.65
Expressway Auto Body242,357.66
Exsil Inc110.60
F & F Steel & Stairway Co355,007.50
Fairgrounds Collision Center 13374.94
Fairmont Hotel, San Jose221,398.60
Falore Lincoln Mercury-Isuzu I232,695.92
Farben Industrial Finishing110.00
Fashion Express Cleaners223,808.65
Fleet Body Worx Inc584,400.67
Flex2chip Inc12680.26
Flextronics International173,195.20
Flextronics International142,617.41
Flyer'S Body Shop141,006.04
Flyers Body Shop (Car Division561,087.52
Fmc Corporation 1138.17
Foxboro/Ict 45161.21
Foxworthy Dry Cleaners, Inc 11536.93
Freeman Finishing And Painting141,421.24
Friendship Auto Body & Paint2335.42
Fujitsu Laboratories Of Americ1114415.98
Garden State International Tru35982.89
Gas Recovery Systems, Inc1976414,320.48
Gas Recovery Systems, Inc19133880,354.44
General Electric Co - Nuclear7101,905.91
Genesis Auto Body & Paint141,778.51
Genuity Inc66138.67
George Figone Exemption Trust110.90
Glasforms Inc24222,990.13
Golden Cleaners 11944.35
Golden Cleaners12887.97
Golden West Auto Body Inc2103,098.51
Good Samaritan Hospital15484,749.72
Goodmark Foods, Inc225.88
Gordon Biersch Brewing Company2225,332.30
Granite Rock353,680.53
Granite Rock Company26398.75
Greenwaste Recovery Inc4131,735.14
Gsa Building Operations Divisi77430.45
Gss/Array Technology Inc 12695.36
Guadalupe Rubbish Disposal2126175,299.77
H & S Body & Paint351,229.49
Hacienda Gardens Cleaners11408.10
Har'S One Hour Martinizing232,848.16
Hardcastle Autothon 24455.88
Hellyer / Eastside Landfill282863,237.99
Hewlett-Packard Aviation661,137.28
Hiep Hoa Auto Body3442.48
Hill Bros. Chemical Co.11250.00
Hitachi Global Storage Technol19159113,311.67
Hitachi Global Storage Technol12157.60
Holiday Cleaners 11445.20
Holiday Cleaners22340.44
Honda Autobody Shop2211.07
Horitech Printing1212,626.00
Huntingdon Dry Cleaners221,024.66
Hy-Line Industrial Coatings3124,036.36
I D Body Shop Inc 3456.86
Ibm Corp, Research Facilities12638,749.36
Ibm Corporation22588.22
Image Corporation131,666.78
Inficon, Inc12224.00
Innovion Corporation11475.20
Insituform Technologies Inc6124,410.48
Intel Corporation11325.79
Inter-Con Paint & Body1122.35
International Microelectronics51617,967.65
International Power Technology815136,100.76
J & C Auto33151.92
J & J Collision Center 22181.42
J & M Detail & Trim3411.57
Jabil Circuits Inc123,226.48
Jds Uniphase661,083.63
Jds Uniphase Corporation117,747.51
Jennings Technology Co, Llc2108,029.75
Jim'S Body Shop1125.85
Joe Kerley Ford Lincoln Mercur384,282.26
John Colendich Automotive C/O11227.74
John'S Tune-Up C/O Ars, Inc11378.64
Joseph'S Cleaners222,158.75
K C Metals221,302.31
K&S Interconnect, Inc13719.20
Kaiser Electronics9213,535.76
Kar Parts Service112,556.00
Karmaker Autobody & Paint 1122.65
Karmaker Autobody & Paint12504.25
Kcc Auto Body Works 44423.21
Kearney Pattern Works And Foun11121.56
Kelly & Louise Cleaners22543.09
Kenneth Printing Company1142.68
Kentdy Auto Body & Autobody220.74
Kiely Park Dry Cleaner22587.60
Kim Auto Body112.55
King'S Cleaners 111,322.09
Komag Inc 1236,000.81
Komag Inc22121,539.31
Komag Inc 3198,634.40
Ks California Auto Body Shop243,831.61
L & M Body Shop141,540.46
Landa'S Painting Inc11356.00
Larco Industries, Inc116.18
Lardie & Company143,997.04
Lb Fiberglass Performance2317,483.25
Legend Auto Body338.50
Letterpress Only11544.00
Lien Dry Cleaning22737.94
Lincoln Avenue Cleaners224,591.36
Litton Advanced Systems Inc 6946.91
Ltx Corp11210.40
Lumileds Lighting Us L.L.C.224,854.00
M&D Painting Co4212,780.50
M/A-Com Tech, Inc391,760.03
M2 Collision Care Center141,773.99
M2 Collision Center371,822.76
Maaco Auto Painting & Body Wor378,844.25
Magic Spray 410584.80
Mancia'S Steel Company12940.48
Manteca County Dump2828324.45
Mariani Packing Co 222.52
Mark Cleaners221,379.50
Marshland Solid Waste Facility28287,906.20
Martin Park Landfill282863,237.99
Mass Precision Sheetmetal12855.20
Mass Precision Sheetmetal, Inc1713,303.06
Master Metal Products231,217.53
Matos Auto Center373,078.68
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc2748,019.86
Merit Cleaners 11836.43
Metro Steel Fab Inc12288.47
Michael & Co Inc231,269.21
Michael J'S Of Almaden276,290.01
Michalski Enterprises, Inc11389.60
Micrel Semiconductor66779.02
Micrel Semiconductor Inc103371,943.00
Micro Chassis, Division Of Ser292,798.64
Micro Metallics Corporation8463,465.27
Minh'S Auto Body & Paint25713.20
Mini Body Shop2214.09
Miracle Auto Painting384,345.13
Miracle Auto Painting344,210.23
Miraido Corp C/O Uchida Enterp11293.41
Mission Dry Cleaners11404.72
Mix International Body Shop111.07
Mmc Technology11224,091.01
Modulus Inc11962.19
Mohawk Packing Co6182,807.11
Monterey Collision Frame & Bod372,705.01
Moon'S Best Cleaners221,712.05
Moore Technologies 1198.93
Moorpark Cleaners 11519.39
Moorpark Cleaners11226.35
Mr Wrights Amazing Coffee Co 28110.99
Ms Carita Inc 12137.12
My Cleaners22954.60
Navisite Inc6241,677.68
Neophotonics Corporation67771.87
New United Auto Body34241.58
Nitrex Inc.11274.00
Normandin Chrysler Plymouth31015,510.96
Northrop Grumman Systems Corpo12121.60
Novellus Systems Inc121,661.08
Novellus Systems Inc11107.20
Novellus Systems, Inc11336.80
Nv Auto Body Repair & Frame23861.07
O L S Energy-Agnews88178,596.51
O'Connor Hospital83415,534.06
Oak Grove Printing335.92
Oak Hill Memorial Park & Mortu714795.97
Oakridge Body Shop122,967.66
Olympus America Inc11901.60
One Hour Blossom Hill Cleaners11338.12
One Hour Blossom Hill Cleaners111,792.92
One Hour Cleaners222,429.12
One Hour Cleaners221,283.96
Orchard Cleaners 11126.81
Osram Opto Semiconductors, Inc11734.69
Pacheco'S Body Shop13723.28
Pacific Auto Body25585.19
Pacific Bell612632.98
Pacific Bell661,440.42
Pacific Bell66647.80
Pacific Circuit Assembly121,821.69
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa55629.36
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa7111,374.10
Pan American Auto Body492,059.69
Park Cleaners 111,011.81
Patino'S Auto Body13864.47
Patrician Cleaners22728.20
Paul'S Auto Body Shop34456.67
Peninsula Metal Fabrication, I25740.93
Penstock An Avnet Company11375.20
Pete'S Custom Auto Body 1 Deta11103.12
Philipinas Auto Body131,024.38
Philips Semiconductors7258,840.60
Phnom Penh Auto Body4539.41
Piedmont Hills One Hour Dry Cl11762.23
Piercey Toyota, Inc272,228.86
Pilipinas Auto Body & Paint45572.82
Plasma Systems Inc 363,496.83
Poly Cleaners 11269.82
Portola Drapery Cleaners115,366.00
Precision Autobody & Glass341,432.85
Premier Cleaners 11412.82
Prestige Gunite By Adams Inc221,164.24
Product Sign Supplies Corp147,169.23
Professionals Body Shop 44518.55
Publishers Press1738,022.00
Quality Body And Paint 332.09
Quebecor World San Jose Inc 623518,311.09
Queen Cleaners11451.94
Quick Sil Inc33314.22
Quimby Cleaners221,145.39
R C Refinishing261,924.43
Rainbow Cleaners 111,133.22
Raisch Products62545,113.16
Red Oak Furniture2910,671.50
Red Wing Co /California Div 243.95
Reed & Graham, Inc103232,325.72
Regional Medical Center Of San8165,789.36
Rex Cleaners 11616.10
Ritz Cleaners221,496.64
Rmc Pacific Materials Inc282,615.00
Roberts Avenue Landfill28281,715.36
Robles Brothers, Inc22330.00
Ross Cook Inc242,754.68
Royal Cleaners22410.93
Royal Dry Cleaning 11879.50
Royal Dry Cleaning 111,011.81
Royce Auto Body & Repair 3335.35
S & M Commercial Body242,799.81
Safe Cleaners 111,180.44
Saint Gobain Semicon Equipment12236.80
Saint Gobain Semicon Equipment12963.20
San Jose Coffee Company111.18
San Jose Collision Center12356.97
San Jose Commercial Tire 11112.08
San Jose Concrete Pipe Co Inc2104,126.97
San Jose Evergreen Community C224.86
San Jose International Airport66611,552.45
San Jose Jet Center6191,086.95
San Jose Medical Center9107,769.33
San Jose Mercury News156421,657.23
San Jose State University8246,983.83
San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pol23368514,690.25
Sands Cleaners222,360.97
Sang'S Cleaners22925.46
Sanmina Corporation269,867.29
Sanmina Corporation189,600.05
Sanmina Corporation7285,137.68
Sanmina Corporation283,544.80
Sanmina Corporation11627,550.74
Santa Clara Bumpers1211.23
Santa Clara Valley Health & Ho92431,778.68
Santa Clara Valley Transportat6161,303.00
Santa Teresa Community Hospita1015323.02
Santa Teresa Water Treatment P361.80
Sauceda Enterprises7191,758.93
Saving Cleaners221,044.50
Savoye Packaging Corp2429,918.00
Sci Enclosures163,787.97
Sci Manufacturing 111,408.14
Sfpp, Lp515982,560.48
Sign Classics, Inc 3371.97
Silicon Genesis Corporation121,097.79
Silvia Construction Inc1135,170.71
Sims Metal2184,055.34
Sine-Tific Engravers125.60
Singleton Rd Ds / San Jose Municipal Ds282863,237.99
Six Sigma141,564.58
Skills Auto Body1213.77
Smurfit Stone Container Corpor12272.00
Sonny Van Auto Body 2214.45
Sorrento Cheese Company83138,534.41
South Bay Circuits, Inc61312,046.81
South Valley Inc Body Shop2127,402.87
Southern Lumber Co13623.13
Sparkle Clean Cleaners221,709.51
Sparkle Clean Cleaners11191.57
Sparkle Clean Dry Cleaners11350.76
Sparkle Dry Cleaners11160.68
Spec 5 Steel Inc12835.76
Specialty Truck Parts, Inc23508.84
Spectrum Industries Finishing187,770.82
Sport Boat Trailer 11182.04
Springer Body & Paint251,507.02
Stanford Auto Body11110.35
Stapleton Spence Packing Compa223.36
Star Cleaners221,660.40
Star Concrete245,378.60
Startbright Cleaners & Launder111,704.87
Steag Rtp Systems 113.96
Steve Lepiane Finishing142,368.98
Stone Container Corporation92149,832.30
Story Road Landfill2828285.51
Sturken Auto Body Repairs Inc462,242.43
Summit Window Products Inc2328,435.44
Super Auto141,750.56
Superior Truck & Body152,552.47
Supertex Inc473,255.84
Swan Cleaners221,326.41
Swift Cleaner & Draperies221,248.61
Swift Cleaners221,985.51
Swiss Cleaners221,365.58
T & H Body Shop Inc681,365.02
Tac Auto Repair 23227.00
Tag Manufacturing 28630.30
Tan Auto Repair33276.38
Technibuilders Iron3910,038.19
Testa'S Auto Body Inc 224.38
Texaco C/O It Corporation112.40
The Press23463,109.07
The Smtc Manufacturing Corpora167,173.46
The Spot Shop23912.31
The Truck Stop Body Shop451,142.16
Thermo Finnigan22138.07
Top Line Applications1166,927.15
Tosco C/O Gettler-Ryan, Inc110.03
Tosco C/O It Corporation110.78
Tote A Shed111,845.40
Touche Manufacturing Inc9283,560.76
Transporation Agency381,184.00
Trend Technologies3112,122.85
Triad Tool And Engineering Inc2103,768.73
Tron'S Auto Body & Paint Shop 1379.99
Truck Style, Inc1618,309.74
Trucks Limited Custom Painting353,633.70
Trust Cleaners 11364.25
Tsk America Inc11791.20
Two Brothers Body Shop361,107.94
Ultramar Inc C/O Horizon Envir11121.56
Ultratech Stepper Inc116.60
United Airlines San Jose Airpo6619,194.16
United Defense - Lp Ground Sys587.13
United Parcel Service36750.52
United Rentals Highway Technol242,770.19
United Technologies Corporatio2921223,622.45
Univar Usa Inc7549,529.44
Univar Usa Inc.9182,460.00
Universal Semiconductor25670.20
Unocal C/O Gettler-Ryan, Inc110.77
Urena Body Shop11197.01
Usa Gasoline C/O Lowney Associ233,302.78
V V Collision Auto Body13769.99
Valley Oak12788.96
Valley Oak 1285.01
Velcon Filters Inc115.26
Verio Hosting Exchange6485,259.30
Viasystems San Jose122,745.25
Viet Nam Auto Body & Paint2216.62
Viking Materials Company C/O A111.48
Vincent Electric Motor Company381,901.13
Vip Cleaners221,241.76
Vogue Enterprises Cleaners22714.70
Warda Enterprises12623.88
Wgn Manufacturing Company44486.35
White Cleaners 11661.05
Wickland Properties110.12
Williams Park Cleaners 11134.91
Winchester Cleaners 111,362.57
Winchester Cleaners11744.71
Wood Systems, Inc24932.68
Zanker Road (Nine Par) Slf28283,320.06
Zanker Road Material Processin6126,157.17
Zanker Road Resource Managemen1659253,141.21