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Polluters in San Carlos, California
Abc Cleaners221,061.95
Allen'S Auto Body8112,562.52
Almega Collision Center46550.62
Automotive Enterprise471,366.12
Avenue Auto Service Inc231,114.46
B & B Furniture Restoration2252.21
Bay Auto Body And Painting13360.02
Bfi Waste Systems Of North Ame91335,761.78
Blu-White Cleaners231,817.80
Carlos Cleaners 112,954.21
Cds Leopold, Inc111,566.26
Chilton Autobody244,617.55
Coast Auto Body357,980.43
Communications & Power Industr114219,301.47
County Body Shop & Paint24716.65
Delta Star, Inc138,857.51
Eric'S Auto Body & Paint111.04
Eurotech Collision1193.61
Exotic Auto Body131,221.32
Fiberglass Unlimited, Inc231,844.74
G N Renn, Inc5143,102.86
Hatcher Trade Press Inc1738,028.29
Holly Auto Body 2377.85
Industrial Plating Co110.00
J & M Auto Body Repair Shop1113.59
Jin'S Cleaners11496.46
Kelly-Moore Paint Co, Inc76330,387.15
Kin'S Cabinets124.36
Kuhlman'S Craftsmen Shop131,665.60
L-3 Communication, Electron De2102,795.09
L-3 Communications Electron Device Div.112.31
Label Art Inc, West Coast Divi292,805.17
Major Auto Body, Inc351,812.09
Mark'S Body Shop11470.45
Midland Cabinet Co141,106.62
Necktar Therapeutics111,147.20
One Hour Country Cleaners 11930.86
Pacific Bell66653.80
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa481.93
Pacsci Quantic Llc11132.73
Peninsula Laboratories Inc231,010.39
Perkinelmer Fluid Sciences121,044.00
Pro Auto Body2411.40
Rmc Pacific Materials Inc21020,692.49
Royalite Manufacturing Inc11185.73
San Carlos Dry Cleaners22688.97
San Carlos Paint & Body Shop 2341.84
San Mateo County Transit Distr111,543.91
South Bay Marble Inc3829,394.96
South Bayside System Authority1525574.77
Superior Body Shop9132,247.12
Tara Cabinets121,754.51
Vogue Cleaners222,179.97
Waldschmidt Automotive23410.56
White Oak Cleaners22572.82