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Polluters in Riverside, California
Alumax Mill Products Inc 1882135,619.59
Associated Plastics Inc 4981,849.84
Aurora Modular Industries, Inc62645,331.63
Bear Medical Sys Inc12156,902.88
Belle Reve Furniture Manufactu1613,405.46
Blackhawk Furniture, Inc 1742,840.00
Bourns Inc489,118.59
Carpenter Co 1236840,192.57
Devoe Coatings Co612155,548.18
Double D Enterprise Inc 1442,840.00
Dow Jones & Co Inc 6208,379.43
Dunham-Bush Inc.4490,757.72
Dura Coat Products Inc 102517,765.33
Eagle Polyiso Corp.000.00
Earl Schieb Of California442,291.70
East County Line2828285.51
Eastern Municipal Water Distri4817,280.00
Extreme Engineering, E.R.. Inc111,126.21
Fleetwood Enterprises Inc4122,055.90
Fleetwood Homes Of Cal Inc 102264,564.00
Fleetwood Motor Homes Of Cal I1236163,870.00
Fleetwood Motor Homes Of Calif92428,493.12
Flexsteel Ind Inc 198,125.32
Flyer Graphics Inc, Wedco Grap61615,906.24
Gem Cabinets Inc111,614.23
Gold Shield Fiberglass Inc 6102,033.98
Harmon Industries 197,643.43
Inland Concrete Enterprises28281,715.36
Inland Empire Collision 135,364.90
Jack Fallucca441,008.00
Jurupa Comm Serv Dist;Indian H1187.69
K & N Engineering Inc 697,060.00
Kaiser Foundation Hospital 225814,410.15
Kmc Wheel Co Inc 61415,523.20
La Sierra University 61939,100.00
Luxfer Usa Ltd 102719,753.57
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodywor135,300.00
March Air Force Base665,734,024.00
Metal Container Corp 51010,630.10
Miller'S Fab & Weld Corp 6103,166.36
Mira Loma282863,237.99
Modular Structures Int'L Inc 31126,844.18
Old Eagle Mountain28287,906.20
Orco Block Co Inc8814.91
Panorama Dump Site28281,715.36
Paul Hubbs Const Co 6140.00
Pedley Dump2828285.51
Pierce Bros Crestlawn Mem Park1152.66
Pinon Flats28281,715.36
Press Enterprises Co 83718,399.10
Prudential Overall Supply1124,621.00
Quaid Imports Inc 188,321.23
Riverside Blueprint, R B Graph71918,500.00
Riverside Cement Co Unit No.04221771220,140.88
Riverside City, Public Utiliti48860.00
Riverside City, Public Utiliti481,340.00
Riverside City, Water Quality 639121,262.91
Riverside Comm Hosp 63321,923.52
Riverside Med Clinic, Surgery116.61
Riverside Muni612456,269.07
Riverside National Cemetary282863,237.99
Riverside Transit Agency 6351,380.00
Riverside Unified School District6683,476.00
Santa Fe Industries Llc 1216,842.10
Seacor Proposed Excavation28281,715.36
Sierra Aluminum Company 185942,790.99
Specialty Brands Inc 62461,389.61
Sterling Automotive Inc, Sterl135,878.95
Tequesquite Lf / City Of Riverside Slf28287,906.20
Txi Riverside Cement Co. Crestmore Plant3328.00
Univ Cal Riverside1010372.20
Univ Cal, Riverside 66030,255.40
Us Govt, Af Dept, March Afb (N2787540,333.02
Valley Printers Inc 81728,934.30
Van'S Auto Body 692,840.00
Vertis Inc. Rns Riverside Div.125,168.00
Vertis, Inc.626306,358.52
Wade Landfill282863,237.99
Warren Anderson Ford Inc,Fritt6121,500.00
Western Polyform Corp 91617,123.80