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Column information
Polluters in Richmond, California
Ac Transit12490.38
Airgas Dry Ice1235,496.00
Amot Controls Corporation 114.57
Andy'S Auto Body3314.03
Arco Products Co-Richmond Term6526,340.78
Asml Optics Llc11501.60
Ats Products Inc1232,920.00
Ats Products Inc 11793.37
Ats Products, Inc 111,079.26
Bay Ship & Yacht Company373,069.15
Ben'S Auto Body Shop23255.98
Benchmark Fixture Corporation134,091.51
Berlex Laboratories, Inc8384,472.15
Bill Nelson Chevrolet Inc3107,876.69
Bio Rad Laboratories342,004.74
Bio-Rad Laboratories10229,158.41
Bio-Rad Laboratories362,271.83
Bob'S Washette Cleaners22736.25
Boc Gases1229,903.00
Bp Oil Company120.23
Bp West Coast Products, Llc14641,387.90
California Oils Corporation951319,712.69
Chevron Chemical Company7193,068.02
Chevron Inc7281,011.11
Chevron Lf 15 / Pollard Pond28287,906.20
Chevron Products Company35167913,629,225.44
Chevron Research And Technolog2016413,420.30
Chevron Usa / Richmond Burn Dump282863,237.99
City Of Richmond810398.13
City Of Richmond Water Polluti20213,839.33
Container Management Service-L103710,060.89
Container Storage489,776.84
Contra Costa Body Shop232,302.04
Contra Costa Co Office Of Ed/R4792.54
Courteous Cleaners 11233.84
Craftsman Trade Press13940.00
Dahl-Beck Electric22808.00
Dana Cleaners11242.83
Data 22415.95
Dicon Fiberoptics Inc671,664.13
Distinctive Skylights237,389.28
Dutra Materials/San Rafael Roc152515,323.21
Earthquake Protection Systems341,815.89
East Bay Batch361,135.06
East Bay Body Shop474,509.56
East Bay Municipal Utility Dis11233.33
Electro Forming Company110.01
Envent Corporation551,151.68
Environmental Resolutions Inc112,102.79
European Enterprise132,040.44
Exxon C/O Environmental Resolu1172.20
Exxon Company Usa C/O Eri110.08
Fenton Maclaren Ltd277,560.30
Freeway Embankment Dump Site28281,715.36
Fujii Nursery Company, Inc 221.13
Gatx Terminals Corporation 220.08
General Chemical Corporation1018456,747.27
Giant / Pinole Point Properties282863,237.99
Green Products Company31111,219.32
Hallmark Cleaners11675.00
Hilltop Buick Pontiac Gmc246,864.67
Hilltop Cleaners 11803.45
Imtt Richmond Ca117317,499.00
Independent Import Auto Body24548.69
Kaiser Permanente15654,840.97
Karber'S Auto Body361,415.29
Keefe Kaplan Maritime Inc374,991.55
Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminal65438,076.73
La Tech Auto Body12210.73
Levin Richmond Terminal Corpor155880,626.80
Lloyd Gordon Manufacturing Com13856.66
Los Angeles Chemical9113,167.58
Max Design Inc231,040.88
Micro Metals24906.73
Micronized Ultra Tech Inc77925.27
Micronized Ultra Tech Inc66612.45
Miracle Auto Painting156,186.69
Msc Pinole Point Steel Inc 255.51
Msc Pre Finish Metals Inc 184962,203.37
New Ngc, Inc92779,057.07
Nor-Cal Perlite, Inc7166,967.42
Norge Village Cleaners11521.14
North Richmond Properties Inc440.47
Omo'S Fabricare Cleaners11405.92
Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc12308.80
Pabco Roofing Company882,864.37
Pacific Bell66241.62
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa6114,037.53
Pacific Hard Chrome110.09
Paint Master Auto Body Shop 4481.56
Palecek Imports142,467.77
Palecek Imports4818,968.71
Parker Hannifin Corp, Veriflo141,095.20
Pasha Services471,187.82
Pilgrim Fireplace Equipment Co451,761.90
Point Richmond Quarry Inc151933,910.95
Professional Finishing82010,586.15
Quala Systems, Inc12964.90
R&K Industrial Products Inc584,174.68
Radiant Color107133,795.90
Red Hanger Kleaners221,382.71
Richmond Boat Works1135.81
Richmond Clean Xpress 111,187.19
Richmond Metal Painting21221,514.02
Robinson Plating110.00
Rolling Hills Memorial Park77508.65
Rose Auto Body 224.41
Safeway Stores Inc, Bakery Pla83537,752.23
San Francisco Chronicle8788,599.07
Sciarroni Auto Body341,460.80
Sf Bay Area Rapid Transit Dist33143,556.00
Shaper Lighting120.90
Shore Terminal Llc7629,165.14
Stauffer Chemical / Richmond Landfill2828285.51
Stewart'S Body Shop Inc242,513.78
Stoltz Metals Inc232,215.36
Syar Industries Inc283,101.46
Syar Industries Inc72048,536.74
T K Auto Repair & Body Shop12241.19
Tinsley Laboratories, Inc22824.55
Tosco Distribution Company86850,429.10
Tsung Kee Auto Repair & Body S46433.14
Vopak Terminal Richmond Inc 1112478.40
West Contra Costa County Landf1551445,441.92
West Contra Costa Energy Recov14280.24
West County Landfill, Inc21240,631.44
West County Resource Recovery66899.16
West County Wastewater Distric165525,202.23
Westcot Designs1316,476.20
Zeneca Inc 5263.92