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Polluters in Redwood City, California
Albertsons #712766266.68
Alza Corp. - Evra Site12500.00
Alza Corporation271,778.63
Artistic Cleaners11448.57
Bay Area Circuits Inc2914,305.81
Beach Cleaners231,536.30
Benz Auto Body45153.76
Benz Collision Center 4436.52
Broadway Cleaners221,452.40
C G & E Auto Body22163.98
California Automotive Concepts253,272.91
Carter Industries 1179.27
Central Concrete Supply , Inc285,195.68
Classic Auto Body & Towing3333.47
Clean & Press For You 11661.05
Coastal Circuits Inc.115.00
Connoisseur Coffee Co244.13
Continental Tool Company Inc339.08
Cook'S Auto Body342,564.75
Dan'S Auto Body 4469.73
Dentpro Auto Body24180.77
Earl Scheib Of California Inc185,305.48
El Camino Auto Body22422.90
El Camino Radiator113.63
Excel Car Pros333.02
Expert Woodworking361,142.03
Exxon Company Usa C/O Eri 111.83
Fashion Cleaners & Shirt Laund111,320.75
Frank Chavez Auto Body Repairs241,873.66
Free-Flow Packaging Internatio81628,230.46
Golden Auto Body Shop121,057.66
Granite Rock94882,547.25
H N Lockwood Inc123,307.79
Harbor Printing 22141.68
Harbor Ready-Mix241,127.39
Harbor Sand And Gravel22015,280.36
Helens Cleaners221,034.53
Icpc Etched Circuits493,309.41
Jdc Manufacturing 3342.11
Kennedy Auto Body & Paint Shop441,017.15
Lawrence Graphics 22403.62
M & M Finishing Technology4101,667.04
Maaco Auto Painting & Body Wor451,128.89
Maldonado'S Auto Body & Paint 119.69
Marsh Manor Cleaners22997.85
Martinez Frame Auto Body24870.52
Maxygen Inc66250.39
Mesfine Auto Body & Paint23402.44
Metal Fusion Inc2261.40
Mic'S Auto Body Inc253,420.86
Miracle Auto Painting 11611.40
Miracle Auto Painting188,000.36
Motorized Auto Body Works4517.84
New Star Cleaners11539.63
Pacific Bell66778.73
Peninsula Body Works 111.67
Perclose Incorporated115,572.00
Pescadero (Old)2828318.39
Pic Industries110.00
Port Of Redwood City24618.87
Porta'S Auto Body & Towing Inc131,079.98
Price Rite Cleaners, Inc 11984.83
Quality Auto Body & Painting35499.40
Quality Coachwork Ltd251,252.08
Quong Lee Laundry 222,785.98
R & M Classic Cars22166.13
Raychem Corporation 2101,295.09
Raychemhts, Div Of Tyco Therma47325,914.02
Redwood City Disposal Site282836,458.37
Redwood City Dodge, Inc11957.08
Redwood Shores Cleaners11957.84
Rmc Pacific Materials Inc2149,430.96
Roy'S Cleaners221,772.50
Royal Cleaners11470.86
San Francisco Offset Printing156,381.86
San Mateo County Memorial Park28281,260.16
Seaport Petroleum Corporation 51014.00
Seaport Refining And Environme6121,520.11
Sequoia Health Services 4127.95
Simsmetal America2211,017.50
Smac Industries21417,258.63
South Bay Body Shop23729.35
South Bayside System Authority166633,810.77
Specialty Auto Works & Towing13992.58
Stuttgart Motors110.26
Swif Kleen Cleaners 11516.70
Techcraft-Elgin Auto Supply &110.00
The Sandal Factory Inc2230.01
Three Diamonds Auto Body & Pai3381.92
Towne Ford362,036.70
Toyota 1011139.20
Tyco Electronics Corporation32410,948.08
Tyco Thermal Controls L.L.C.2311,255.00
West Coast Collision25515.79
Westport Landfill Site28281,260.16