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Polluters in Rancho Cucamonga, California
Acme-Wiley Corp Of Cal 6105,732.80
Arlon Electronics Substrates D112133,240.75
Avery Dennison 75212,720.82
Brownwood Furniture, Inc. 1132,120.00
Citation Precision22500.00
Degussa Construction Chemicals Ops. Inc.124.00
Faust Printing 6228,580.00
Fleet Refinishing 148,140.00
Gen Latex & Chemical Corporati1257.40
General Dynamics, Adsd151513,191.79
General Latex & Chemical Corp. Dow Chemical Co.000.00
General Marble821251,999.33
Goodyear Rubber Co,Goodyear Ru51635,887.01
Intermetro Industries Corp 7122,372.00
Lithonia/Hi-Tek Western Operat8160.05
Matheson Gas Prod. Inc68175.00
Maury Microwave Corp1111151.10
Metal Coaters Of California8163,507.50
Metal Coaters Of California122154,161.58
Minnesota Rubber10107,893.00
Nakano Foods, Inc. 6149,600.00
Pacific Fabrication Inc.6625,834.61
Para-Chem Southern Inc 611882.01
Parallel Products 152239,631.93
Penwal Industries Inc 115,080.00
Rancho Metal Polishing Inc 117,768.43
Recot Inc, Frito-Lay 97765,519.61
San Bernardino Co. 6135,870.43
Scheu Manufacturing Company 6131,635.20
Schlosser Forge Co165063,930.10
Soc-Co Plastic Coating Co.6632,904.80
Specialty Finishers Co7142,104.81
Steelscape Inc.9175,423.00
Tamco 14701,290,267.62
The Hartwell Corp 611537.60
The Kindred Corp. 1135,740.00
United Slag Processing Co 228,691.20
Vacuum Metalizing Co 61242,980.00
Western Metal Decorating Co 152844,879.00