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Polluters in Pico Rivera, California
Advance Truck Painting Inc 3818,060.27
American Excelsior Co 61921,961.46
Astro-Fab Inc 364,296.84
Bay Cities Container Corp 6102,880.00
Cannon Safe Co, Inc 112,548.78
Chem Coatings Corp.11112.00
Compte'S Inc. 6186,700.00
Construction Fasteners Inc.22149.00
El Rancho Unified School Distr44460.00
General Felt Industries, Inc. 16428,272.35
Kater-Crafts Bookbinders11693.00
Krieger Steel Prod. Co 9172,730.00
La Dye & Print Works Inc 61627,226.40
Lubricating Specialties Co66199.00
Northrop Corporation4360975,183.62
Pico Rivera City 6120.00
Pico Rivera City 660.00
Pico Rivera Plating Inc918412.60
Rosen'S Electrical Equip Co In67851.53
Rush Truck Center Of Ca Inc 6144,240.00
So Cal Gas Co 128715,884.87
T & C Cleaners 6660.00
The Beverly-Mike Co Inc,Beverl5518,006.72
Windsor Art Products Inc5515,890.00
Winters Industrial Cleaning In8934,453.45