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Polluters in Petaluma, California
3m Industrial Optics131,061.84
Andersons Auto Body231,354.04
Apogee Sound International131,995.71
Bay Bridge Garage Inc33215.50
Big Ed'S Auto Body2532.49
C Street Auto Body45446.30
Carpenter Parmatech21037,293.67
Casa Grande Site2828348.04
Central Auto Body2210.67
City Of Petaluma472,649.97
City Of Petaluma551,366.98
Clover Stornetta Farms Inc.115.00
Cypress Hill Memorial Park 110.00
Dairy Farmers Of America82320,624.35
Daves Autobody & Towing12124.08
Deaf Dog Coffee Roastery220.12
Design In Wood12214.00
Down Town Auto Body23434.90
Dutra Materials/San Rafael Roc103715,078.33
Eagle Mfg & Engineering, Inc7121,350.77
Fairfax French Cleaners222,230.73
Feed Sources, Inc44561.65
Fireman'S Fund Insurance Compa1568.76
G & C Autobody132,244.70
Gulick'S Auto Body251,872.01
Harding Lawson Associates1130,389.39
Hot Rodz141,917.90
Hunt And Behrens, Inc163018,680.91
Jerico Products Inc771,928.04
John F Cunha 412185.27
Koller'S Town & Country Cleane221,103.00
Lakeville Autobody & Paint361,579.64
Larry'S Auto Body Shop 23103.99
Lee'S Body Shop452,101.20
London Pride Cleaners11664.42
Lorry Autocarro Painting Inc145,145.30
Mack Wallbed Systems 25809.93
Mesa Boogie12445.26
Mrs Grossman'S Paper Company1149,612.29
Nor Bay Ironcraft1212.21
Northbay Industrial Coatings,1121.92
Parent-Sorensen Mortuary66157.99
Petaluma Auto Body Shop, Inc2103,417.51
Petaluma Car Wash C/O Brunsing112.39
Petaluma French Cleaners22934.73
Petaluma Quick Cleaners22533.83
Plaza Cleaners11149.75
Redwood Ag Management28281,235.73
Redwood Cleaners222,085.54
Rich'S Auto Paint & Body Repai361,319.26
Rotork Controls Inc1113.20
Royal Petroleum Co 424199.32
Shamrock Materials Inc28535.32
Shotwell'S Auto Body472,761.51
Small Precision Tools131,134.00
Sola Optical Usa Inc 1217.07
Sola Optical Usa, Inc 22917,059.64
Sonoma Compost152815,724.40
Sonoma County Department Of Pu20115774,616.19
Srm Alliance Hospital Services330.20
Sunset Line & Twine Co 336.22
Tegal Corporation 1230.14
The Stero Company 1116.38
U.S. Coast Guard Training Center12175.70
Uscg Training Center1650975.68
William Kreysler & Associates,133,391.58
Willowbrook Feeds63668,260.32