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Polluters in Perris, California
Alpha/Owens Corning, L.L.C.11912.00
Aoc L.L.C.488,116.00
Atkinson Brick Co15150.00
Aurora Modular Industries Inc123943,053.08
City Of Perris Illegal Dump Site2828285.51
Cr & R Inc 672,400.00
Designers Sash & Door 123,720.00
Diamond Pacific Products Co 61412,417.13
Golden West Homes 3939,061.62
Mead Valley Disposal Site Landfill282818,300.12
Modtech Inc 1527,900.00
Modtech Inc 1214,920.00
Mwd-Perris Power Plant11111.71
Natl Rv Inc 61425,999.72
Navigator Yachts 166,840.00
Pacific Western Extruded Plast11166.50
Perris Valley612155,532.75
Spaulding Equipment Co 196,080.00
Star Milling Co 186910,537.74
The Salvation Army 67140.00