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Polluters in Pasadena, California
Air Logistics Corp 225,804.00
Art Ctr Col Of Design 6136,860.00
Bonded Cleaners 672,020.00
Boys And Girls Club Of Pasaden664,800.26
Bryan'S Cleaners & Dyers Inc 673,182.49
Cal-Swiss Mfg. Co., Inc.2211,929.26
California Institute Of Technology2033139,604.03
Carcoa Of Southern California 6115,580.00
Datatape Inc225,102.56
Graphic Arts Center Inc 1619,460.00
Holmes Body Shop Inc 6107,460.00
Huntington Hotel 6326,447.78
Huntington Memorial Hospital 65358,530.30
Huntington Memorial Hospital U1010120.00
Johnnies Paint & Body Shop, In691,660.00
Johnson & Johnson/Merck Consum11250.00
Konigsberg Instruments Inc22122.50
La Steelcraft Prod. 121947,982.96
Loral Electro-Optical Systems113,430.00
Monitor Polishing & Plating 61060.00
Nasa Jet Propulsion Lab 26153545,688.82
Pasadena City College 64225,122.65
Pasadena City, Dwp45181224,161.30
Pasadena Refinishing & Enameli6138,753.04
St. Luke Hosp (Eis Use) 62673,439.16
The Castle Press 6106,260.00
Us Mfg Co882,539.95
Welsh Printing Co Inc32838,534.13