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Column information
Polluters in Palo Alto, California
Stanford University6729,761.82
Palo Alto Regional Water Quali216063,679.55
Space Systems/Loral10553,471.00
Veterans Administration Medica164627,875.29
Agilent Technologies, Inc17438,993.97
Roche Palo Alto Llc10429,769.47
Wpi Packaging & Maintenance Co204242,387.13
Cardinal Cogen Inc636543,324.57
Communications & Power Industr15338,310.94
Cardinal Cogen A Joint Venture9291,155.35
Palo Alto Landfill And Recycling Center28284,727.62
City Of Palo Alto Landfill182676,946.87
City Of Palo Alto Utilities De62457,186.95
Roy-Aero Enterprise Llc5202,393.42
Genencor International8166,606.96
Hewlett-Packard Company5142,694.05
Cavallino Rampante Ltd31414,868.83
Watkins-Johnson Company 513178.15
Dpix Llc51222,428.87
Akins Body Shop Inc283,096.98
Arts Bodycraft Inc371,697.94
Beckman Coulter172,324.80
Pacific Bell661,487.82
Space Systems/Loral (Bldg #25)66213.97
Varian Nmr Instruments36416.45
Varian Oncology Systems36326.26
Alza Corporation 35728.05
Ideo Product Development 35379.99
Crystal Technology, Inc251,612.51
Space Systems/Loral (Bldg 7&8)25382.77
Hewlett-Packard Company24176.14
Dow Jones & Company, Inc1419,945.20
Agilent Technologies14775.82
Abacus Auto Body & Paint 24328.48
Southwall Technologies343,378.70
Lotus Printing Corp131,598.00
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodywork135,644.66
Yeaman Auto Body133,190.82
Yamanouchi Pharma Technology33162.00
La Cream De Cafe330.15
Gemfire Corporation333.09
Lockheed Martin Corporation, M33148.03
Palo Alto Coffee Roasting Comp220.19
Aj'S Quick Clean Center22865.55
Stanford Hospital & Clinics120.05
Lockheed Martin Corporation, M2269.18
Town & Country Cleaners221,149.87
California Avenue Norge Villag221,745.00
Planter Technology Inc22324.39
Aydin Corporation220.32
Alta Mesa Improvement Company120.00
Space System/Loral (Bldg #12) 220.58
Palo Alto Sanitation Company122,029.69
Mathews Carlsen Body Works122,112.45
Omega Printing12448.50
Viking Motor Body12380.71
Stanford European12952.11
Ultramar C/O Horizon Environme22377.32
Holiday Cleaners221,375.31
Charleston Cleaners 11655.65
Palo Alto One Hour Martinizing11582.80
Philip Roberts Models 118.63
Emerson Cleaners 11675.00
Varian Medical Systems, Inc11159.28
Stanford Cleaners11303.19
Alza Corporation1140.80
Palo Alto Research Center11114.40
Space System/Loral (Bldg 28) 1123.05
Stellex Microwave Systems Inc 114.30
Amp Incorporated 116.60
Leonardini Property C/O Brunsi111.52
Stanford Cleaners 11472.18
Cardinal Cleaners Inc11472.18