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Polluters in Oxnard, California
A & A American Automotive55265.73
A & R Auto Body991,306.99
Al Innocenti9997.19
American Gas55294.73
American Gas & Mini Mart55213.06
American Superior, Inc.992,959.24
Anacapa Berry Farms1184.00
Anacapa Marine Service2453322.36
Angelus Block Company282,248.40
Anterra Energy Services Inc.6142,170.55
Arcturus Manufacturing Co2510929,668.44
Arnold Road Dump2828313.63
Aspen Helicopter171,640.00
Assoc. Ready Mix Concrete685,329.66
Auto Body International991,261.79
Automobile Exchange99100.50
Bailard Landfill282811,401.02
Bentley / Simonson Inc.6152,707.00
Berry Petroleum Company3636614,631.61
Berry Petroleum Mcgrath 4 Pool6191,581.90
Bmw - Vehicle Preparation2610025,679.02
Body Craft99670.24
C&S Truck Bodies & Rv Supplies99802.65
C.I Composites57252.94
Camarillo Coachworks99784.22
Cathedral Mortuary Associates39399.25
Channel Island Boat Yard7112,403.22
Chase Production Company2769583.80
Chevron #9-252155374.92
Chevron #9-256155376.40
Chevron #9-299155407.16
Chevron #9-426755229.92
Circle K Stores Site #0569655480.23
Coastal Multichrome Co Inc350.38
Commander Naumann Drill Site618585.67
Commercial Auto Body Shop99251.35
Conde'S Auto Body & Paint6630.00
Cook Composites & Polymers Co.135435,155.00
Costco Wholesale Inc.55153.58
Custom Industrial Finishes355,519.52
Custom Printing135,460.00
Dch (Oxnard), Inc.7716.01
Diversified Minerals227,638.40
Don & Sons Body & Paint99504.38
E.F. Oxnard Inc.2649236,442.86
Earl Scheib Auto Paint101210,086.74
Erg International20306,410.44
Five Points Paint And Body991,571.98
General Petroleum151,340.00
Geo Petroleum Inc.875522.19
Gibbs International Truck Inc.991,861.69
Haas Automation686,689.34
Halaco Eng. Co.12105.00
Halaco Engineering Company315143,616.20
Hanson Aggregates El Rio Facil683,127.93
Hanson Aggregates West, Inc.2027136.87
Hhg, Inc13141,470.87
Hills Auto Service55125.17
Hueneme High School61222,338.68
Hueneme Paper Mill1218,382.00
Image Laboratories Inc.8161.01
In & Out Paint & Body Center10138,903.49
Industrial Electric Motors61012.26
J&J Auto Body & Paint991,178.59
J. Jazz Auto Body99196.06
Jack'S Craft Auto Works991,340.55
Jim'S Texaco55142.04
Joe'S Texaco55164.23
Jsum Gas & Food Mart5560.37
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical61768,325.81
Lincoln Mercury Of Oxnard555.33
Llantera Rudy'S99361.90
M-I Drilling Fluids Co. Oxnard20200.62
Macvalley Oil Company153,620.00
Mandalay Power Generation45118570,937.83
Maple Leaf Bakery-Pioneer Div.61919,730.27
Mike Wallace Ford991,415.96
Mission Linen Supply6245,126.69
Mobil (Lashkari'S)55295.91
Nabisco Brands, Inc.20200.85
New Vehicle Auto Body & Paint99653.49
Nuevo Energy Company6405,671.67
Occidental Chemical Corp.172536.16
Ogden Power Pacific - Oxnard3549305,175.02
Oxnard Building Materials2230.80
Oxnard Dump / Mandalay Bay282813,179.82
Oxnard High School64887,298.27
Oxnard Lemon Co.6125,851.15
Oxnard Self Serve55295.91
Oxnard Shell55278.16
Oxnard Ultramar Carwash55306.27
Oxnard Wastewater Trtmnt Plant54490288,446.43
Poole Oil Company55146.48
Prestige Auto Works991,097.58
Procter & Gamble Paper Prod.20150937,259.64
Pti Technologies Inc.366716,318.07
Pti Techs. Inc.113,694.00
R And R Automotive99502.71
R.G. Wells & Co. Dry Cleaners682,120.00
Ransco Industries122,236.00
Salinas Auto Repair Paint&Body991,157.90
Saticoy Lemon Association6121,859.12
Sce-Ormond Beach Gen Station451671,507,160.13
Shell #634 (Airport)55254.19
Shumates Sandblasting2626100.40
Silvas Oil Co. Inc.153,800.00
Spartech Plastics24252.32
Spatz Laboratories333,999.00
St. John'S Regional Medical Ct30508,792.13
Steve'S Auto Service Ctr. Inc.5559.18
Stork Laundry/Pacific Linen6609,436.49
Sully Miller Contracting Co.634171,968.68
Telair International14315,747.23
Tenby Inc.34402122,860.42
Texaco #25355134.93
Texaco Station55236.71
Todey Motor Company, Inc.99687.03
Tony'S Body Shop991,568.39
Unocal #3050155355.09
Unocal #3092555262.77
Unocal #3113755265.14
Venoco Inc.267310,086.92
Ventura Channel Island Shell55291.15
Ventura County-Gsa Fleetserv8860.30
Ventura Gasoline55352.72
Ventura Pacific Company67616.89
Ventura Printing61111,404.74
Ventura Refuse Disposal28281,650.36
Ventura Regional Sanitation Di111169,616.38
Victor'S Body Shop99837.84
Vreeland Cadillac991,306.99
Vulcan Materials Co. Saticoy241.34
Waterway Plastics333,300.17
West Montalvo Corp6201,230.90
Western Farm Service47503.51
Weyerhaeuser, Hueneme Mill1560395,267.47
Wooley Gas Faal Corporation55295.91
Wooley Mobil55118.36