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Polluters in Orange, California
Accessory Art Products Inc.12403.05
Aerochem Inc102312,139.67
Akzo Coatings Inc, Aerospace F1674912,811.65
Akzo Coatings Inc. 1743145,581.06
Angelica Textile Services 6918,559.20
B E Aerospace Services Divisio6133,077.84
Babcock, Inc33752.00
Blue Diamond Materials, Div Su91027.88
Camelot Furniture Corp 127,500.00
Cerro Villa Heights Disposal Station #728287,906.20
Childrens Hospital Of Orange C6206,769.73
Compliant Spray Painting, Faci6102,401.92
Continuous Coating Corp. 6132,768.63
Creative Finisning 113,931.84
Cundiff Steel Fab & Erecting664,347.89
Cytec Engineered Materials Inc.3514,452.00
Cytec Fiberite, Inc.103546,156.97
Designs Alive Inc 102019,713.86
Ditty Drum 121560,586.79
Featureline Manufacturing Co.226,279.00
Foamex International Inc 8291,791,904.51
Foamex International, Inc1777.45
Fowler Equipment Aka Orange City Dump #628287,906.20
Furniture Traditions Inc 1584,500.00
Golden West Frame Inc.2262,847.00
Great Western Carpet Cushion C225,077.45
Hambarian Properties234,769.24
Hamilton Materials Inc 61313,702.74
Irvine Park Station #5 Orange, Ca28281,715.36
Irvine Park Station #6, Orange,Ca2828285.51
Jaco Printing Corp, Business F167,980.00
K & D Graphics 1149,191.21
Kerr/Dental Materials Center1220,813.00
La Veta Station #2282863,237.99
Lea Ronal Inc 635924.30
Luminar Products, Inc. 150.00
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodywork156,263.18
Metropolitan Life Ins Co,Doubl6152,797.23
Micro West Inc 152,386.71
Nbty Manufacturing, Llc161770,140.69
Or. Co. Plating Co Inc 69540.00
Orange City Dump #11282863,237.99
Orange City Dump #2 Santa Ana River28287,906.20
Orange City Dump #3282863,237.99
Orange City Dump #42828285.51
Orange City Dump #5282863,237.99
Orange City Dump #6282863,237.99
Orange City Dump #9282863,237.99
Orange City Landfill28287,906.20
Orange Cnty-Int Wst Mgt-Santia61570,320.00
Orange County Disposal Site 19 / Reeve'S Pit28281,715.36
Orange, County Of - Ingt Wst M617104,140.00
Pacific Finishing 6135,609.01
Pacific Patio & Fence 332,500.00
Pgm Metal Finishing 615720.00
Quality Aluminum Forge Inc 688,100.00
Quong Enterprises28281,715.36
R J Noble Company 182228,326.64
Robertson'S Ready Mix 23286,756.89
Saint Joseph Hospital 62542,012.28
Sfpp, L.P. Unit No. 111834,540.00
Statek Corporation8912,519.00
Sully Miller Constr.Co#2 / Blue Diamond282863,237.99
Thermco Systems Corp 22323,669.11
Timbercrest 1324,420.00
Tonner Canyon Private Dump28287,906.20
Ulmans Truck Lines28287,906.20
Univ Cal Irvine Medical Ctr 63550,874.11
Uniweb Inc 6210.00
Vans Inc582,551.90
Varco Intl Inc. 193230,331.00
Venus Crafts 238,016.97
Villa Ford Inc 61010,898.25
Watt Homes, Incorporated2828285.51
Webb-Massey Co Inc 111334,941.00
West American Rubber Co., Inc 930107,924.14
Westline Manufacturing Co. Inc3615,395.00
Woodcrest Manufacturing Inc221,200.00