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Polluters in Ontario, California
Aaa Auto Body 682,353.47
Acheson Colloids Co.111.00
Al'S Finishing 114,109.66
Alumin-Art Plating, Inc.554,896.17
Amp Inc48152.64
Amrep Inc 101316,227.36
Anderson Desk779,364.39
Arral Ind44228.35
Arrow Truck & Bodies Equip Inc9913,462.31
Artesia Sawdust Products, Inc.68180.00
Bae Systems Aircraft Controls 6292,712.32
Bausman & Co 1737,735.31
Bausman & Company 1718,596.68
Bishamon Industries Corporatio68820.00
C & D Plastics 6106,572.80
Carny Chem Corp4469.00
Chaffey Hi Sch, Chaffey Union 6295,295.41
Chaffey Joint Union High Schoo6182,732.82
Coast Grain Company 62327,149.44
Defoe Furniture 4 Kids Inc 699,580.00
Demert & Dougherty Inc2247.60
Feed Commodities, L.L.C. 6727,000.00
Fieldstone Ontario Residential Plan28281,715.36
Finishing Plus, Inc. 139,040.00
Forbes Industries 6158,520.00
Fruit Growers Supply Co 82411,362.17
Gary'S Grinding & Hard Chrome110.11
Ge Engine Services105384,225.48
Ge Engine Services131519.98
General Telephone Co So Ca11135.83
Great Western Foam Products Co1132,750.00
Green'S Industrial Painting In11302.00
Griffith Micro Science Inc 7106,929.15
Hamilton Fixture Inc,Hamilton 184,660.00
Henry Co. (Dba Resin Tech. Co.)000.00
Hillerich & Bradsby Co Inc 6257,479.78
Hillman Holdings, Llc.6645,842.40
In & Out Paint & Body Ctr 694,360.00
Indeck Ontario, L.L.C.1343175,491.07
Inland Empire Utl Agen, A Mun15125331,275.22
Inland Paperboard & Packaging Inc.2291,479.24
Inland Paperboard And Packagin1579675,498.69
Inland Powder Coating Corp 61211,190.34
J & W Finishing 115,720.00
Kings Rattan Inc 123,840.00
Korden Inc. 684,440.00
Kushwood Mfg.6647,180.00
La Bruna Industries, Inc 1210,299.21
La City, Department Of Airport62213,264.50
Labruna Industries, Inc. 1215,200.00
Leggett & Platt Inc.000.00
Living Oak Manufacturing Corp 141,400.00
Lockheed Martin Aircraft Servi64617,046.69
Long Run Trailers 142,120.00
Loud Engineering & Mfg Inc 132411,740.43
Mag Instrument Inc 6955,329.12
Mag Instrument Inc1131,350.00
Magnum Boats 137,009.21
Montclair Auto Paint, Earl Sch133,814.46
Neste Polyester22226.30
Oakwood Interiors, Inc 1328,880.00
Ontario Aircraft Service Inc 61178,164.66
Ontario City, Public Service D634615.20
P C Industries Inc 11276,748.30
Parco Inc 10375,436.32
Praxair Inc 763179,710.46
Preferred Paperbox Inc 1911,001.18
Quebecor World/Ontario Div 61052,020.00
R&O Mc Intyre Inc11159.00
Reel Furniture Inc 4827,901.14
Rey Nelson Printing Inc 198,880.00
Rycoline Prods. Inc.2210.00
Safariland Ltd 1549,900.00
San Bernardino County Waste Sy71826,227.90
Sharyn Steam Inc 63015,300.14
Southwest Airlines 662,847.81
Spectrol Electronics Corp 5196,934.41
Sprayline Enter. Inc 115016,434.92
Sunkist Growers, Inc 153810,933.84
Sunkist Growers, Inc.552,247.16
Thermal Dynamics Corp 1125123,705.80
Trader Publishing Company 6116,180.00
Transamerican Plastics Corp 14289.91
U S Tooling & Spas Manufacturi612287.89
Us Tooling And Spas Manufacturing7899,579.00
W.M. Barr & Co., Inc.7735,910.00