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Polluters in Oakland, California
Owens-Brockway Glass Container171571,617,969.59
East Bay Municipal Utility Dis2695305,402.88
Highland General Hospital166529,491.00
American Brass & Iron Foundry1763485,733.23
Duke Energy Oakland Llc84756,322.27
Kaiser Permanente Medical Cent12472,158.32
Rolls-Royce Engine Services -64215,713.25
Norton Packaging, Inc 93537,982.04
Integrated Environmental Syste16346,523.84
Gallagher & Burk, Inc1133131,193.21
Alta Bates Summit Medical Cent9324,353.35
Port Of Oakland153012,744.79
The Earthgrains Company82953,831.45
Oakland Scavenger2828285.51
Oakland Street Dept Site2828285.51
City Of Oakland Transfer Station2828285.51
Oakland Rubbish2828285.51
Chabot Golf Course Fill28285,433.25
North Port Of Oakland Refuse Ds / Raiders28281,715.36
Galbraith Golf Course282863,237.99
Interstate Brands Corporation7279,539.21
County Of Alameda8242,505.11
Pacific Bell6245,840.70
Kaiser Center Inc8242,658.42
Dailey Body Company4236,109.33
Chevron, Oakland Airport-North6235,682.44
Pacific Galvanizing92324,328.75
Creative Wood Products52130,954.61
Ac Transit District - Central8211,619.13
Evergreen Cemetery7211,200.08
Peerless Coffee Co6208,499.52
Professional Industrial Servic11203,615.38
United Airlines4195,568.45
Custom Alloy Scrap Sales Inc71826,149.86
Longview Fibre Company81829,963.37
General Construction Company618558.09
Miller Packaging Company3186,106.40
Engineered Concrete Placement15181,467.80
Rolls-Royce Engine Services -41815,325.30
Design Workshops11711,110.62
Wood Tech Inc31627,610.77
Alta Bates Summit Medical Cent8162,286.99
California Cereal Products, In8152,368.38
Quaker Oats8158,297.59
Childrens Hospital, Oakland10147,002.41
Port Of Oakland6135,081.35
Oakland Ready Mix Company21217,142.65
Photon Press Inc11125,402.00
Conagra, Inc31110,008.90
Mr Espresso8112,876.13
Universal Foods Corp 41135,484.82
Melrose Metal Finishing, Inc3111,075.07
Western Colloid Products9106,933.39
Weatherford Bmw3108,817.44
Earl Scheib Of California, Inc4107,720.87
Uptown Body & Fender8101,032.33
Port Of Oakland3102.95
Global Intermodal Systems581,146.07
Oakland Custom Truck Painting582,345.99
Moal'S Body Shop482,202.60
Production Pattern Shop Inc281,774.44
Fleischmann'S Yeast 3862,128.78
Aratex Services, Inc886,932.24
County Of Alameda88723.29
Rmc Lonestar2866,670.99
Everett Graphics1746,896.00
Unocal-Dbg/Amg C/O Environment77664.86
Creative Iron375,355.17
Alaska Airlines - Oakland47346.64
Madison Street Press471,250.26
Golden Gate Truck Center462,122.20
K J'S Auto Body Repair46628.11
Mike'S Oakland Body Shop361,633.89
Performance Auto Body Center56471.13
Office Rental, Inc46124.35
Trans Bay Container Terminal661,862.04
Shorenstein Company Llc66176.33
Label Art161,342.00
Kaiser Permanente66170.33
Alta Bates Summit Medical Cent662,386.89
Pacific Bell66457.59
Pacific Bell66213.97
Delta Air Lines Inc661,620.75
Tension Envelope Company1614,344.00
Albertsons #704966266.68
Englund Studio361,765.69
Montague Spragens Inc26979.90
Rockridge Antiques2610,278.28
Children'S Hospital Oakland Re66406.19
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa56636.89
Quality Body And Fender161,747.58
Pacific Bell66758.73
Pacific Bell66554.76
Moz Designs Incorporated169,482.75
Olympian Graphics, Inc157,472.00
Continental Body Shop 35284.26
Cal Tech Metal Finishers 45205.66
Francis Plating Of Oakland, In2536.97
Eandi Metal Works Inc358,236.83
Sullivan Counter Tops35116.43
Carlos Body Shop45236.39
Marine Terminals Corp45112.99
V & J Body Shop251,323.86
American President Lines55822.20
Hitech Collision Repair251,171.62
V-Tech Automotive35282.71
Espinoza'S Body Shop35819.02
Zeta Music Systems35210.89
Golden Gate Body Shop45367.26
Hart & Sun Body Shop256,201.03
Blue Bird Body Shop45282.63
The Art Craft Company354,537.88
E 14th Auto Body Shop24421.82
Smooth Auto Body34505.34
Wise Auto Body, Inc341,234.98
Alameda Auto Body3464.49
Taymuree Foreign Auto Center341,167.52
City Garage Collision Repair 34953.80
Baxter Healthcare Corporation,3471.24
Salle Paint & Body Shop Inc345,469.48
Buds Body Shop34235.89
Oakland Auto Body & Frame342,223.47
W H Strehle Company, Inc141,571.48
K B Company243,435.23
Due Torri Coffee44590.87
Eastern Autobody & Repair24376.27
A J Auto Clinic24936.88
Right Away Redy Mix Inc2418,609.97
First Quality Auto Repair & Bo141,778.51
Art Sign Company141,947.23
Alpin Auto Repair And Body Sho142,131.25
Collision Service Center Of Oa141,870.69
City Of Oakland Public Works A34845.37
Norman'S Body And Repair Shop24803.13
Santana'S Furniture Refinish244,974.58
Friendly Cab Inc 24117.33
Goodyear Commercial Tire & Ser44140.10
George V Arth & Son241,740.08
Brooks Motor Cars24127.88
Seven-Eleven Body Shop141,634.36
Cochran & Celli Chevrolet141,230.29
Central Concrete Supply, A U S242,447.05
Timmon'S Auto Detail & Body Sh141,761.05
Bob Motter Body Shop13747.64
Rube & Dan'S Body Shop132,706.66
Melrose Ford131,283.61
Ward'S Custom Painting131,505.86
Style Cleaners234,565.34
Us Postal Service - Vehicle Ma3338.97
Berkeley Millwork & Furniture133,943.70
Ace Iron Inc131,456.16
Thanh Long Auto Body & Repair13560.51
Red Hanger Kleaners Inc233,467.56
Dollar Cleaners234,018.60
Vincent Electric Motor Co 231,044.01
Precision Cast Products 130.03
International Complete Auto Re23209.19
Regency Restoration & Antiques33560.27
Roy'S Auto Body2332.54
R & V Auto Body Shop Inc2342.41
Auto Passion13386.46
Coliseum Body Shop13435.20
San Pablo Auto Body13709.11
Nautical Engineering Inc131,311.93
Dimond Printers13594.00
Turbo Auto Body23191.19
Experience Auto Body13485.62
Sunrise Specialty Company133,367.49
Capri Auto Body131,475.82
Ferraer'S Custom Body & Paint 23334.16
Harold'S Auto Body & Paint Sho23206.46
Quality Body And Fender23132.47
Ybarra'S Auto Body & Painting23906.03
Choy'S Auto Body And Repair233,007.03
East Bay Municipal Utility Dis23151.91
Bostrom Bergen Metal Products232,360.13
Jerry'S Body Shop231,115.79
Diamond Auto Body23198.13
Piedmont Auto Body23144.06
Automekanika Body Shop 2257.59
Bp Oil Company122.71
Family 1 Hour Cleaners222,062.27
Wing Lee Cleaners221,095.48
Willie'S Unique Auto Body Shop2219.20
Mannings Body Shop2221.71
Vale Cleaners22262.05
Genie Auto & Repair Shop 2250.46
Classic Touch Fashion Cleaners221,240.37
Eurasia Auto Body2224.36
Flores Body Shop1261.83
Christopher'S Body Works2217.18
J & L Peaberry Coffee & Tea Co220.28
J & J Auto Body & Van Accessor2253.89
Bay 1 Hour Cleaners22768.15
B & P Cultured Marble Inc2227,752.11
Abbey Press, Inc 129.75
H & K Body Shop2219.89
Modern Auto Body22178.26
Puccetti Wood Products, Inc121,446.84
Bay Concepts Inc121,552.98
East Bay Fixture Company121,239.32
A C Transit District12648.60
Bm Auto Repair & Body 2226.13
Fountain Cleaner221,820.40
High Tech. Packaging1210.00
Paco Pumps Inc12790.32
Lithograph Reproductions Inc121,019.96
Bay Auto Zone12387.31
Solstice Press12760.00
East Bay Truck Center12548.80
Csc Of Oakland 221.88
Aff Automobile Experts2228.14
H & H Auto Collision22459.03
Rockridge Royal Cleaners22528.39
Earl'S Unique Cleaner22930.03
Professional Cleaners221,497.78
Fuller Funerals Inc 120.01
Asian Neighborhood Design 121,330.09
One Hour Martinizing221,590.51
Bolero Co2228.59
Custom Wood Finishing 1251.80
Bay Area Kenworth Trucks 2237.36
Lee'S Auto Body & Repair 22204.20
Best Instrument Repair Company1223.99
Esposito Plating & Polishing C22472.01
Lockwood Cleaners222,483.41
B & T One Hour Cleaners224,041.70
Ideal Cleaners22892.38
Mountain View Cemetery Associa120.00
Quality Pro Cleaners221,199.11
Sherman'S Cleaners221,627.58
Broadway Motors Ford Body Shop22117.38
Bellevue Cleaners22870.33
Diamond Cleaners221,085.80
Chapel Of The Chimes 120.01
Montclair Cleaners22502.29
Hard Chrome Engineering Compan120.10
Pacific Cryogenics Inc 222,770.60
Shattuck One Hour Cleaners221,144.14
Pride Cleaners221,872.54
Kong Auto Body12332.63
Harry Clewans121,492.59
Phil Am Complete Auto Service1226.20
Connell Auto Center12264.00
Auto World Body & Frame12214.60
House Of Kandy'S Body Shop12521.58
Carusso'S Restoration121,150.54
Youngs Cleaners221,414.98
Foreign Body Shop22145.83
Automax Of Bay Area122,169.21
Young'S One Hour Martinizing22915.68
Sunny Piedmont Cleaners221,321.01
Sin-Mex Auto Body Shop121,163.01
Parkmead Products12425.56
Matson'S Autobody & Frame121,720.85
Fast Lane Intermodal, Llc12906.26
Mail Well Envelope Company121,897.40
Alstom Transportation Inc11156.82
Equipment Fabricating Corporat11100.67
S T Johnson Company11175.85
East Bay Electric Motors, Inc110.00
Hallmark Cleaners11472.18
Copy Plus11264.00
Sequoyah Graphics11236.13
Mirage Auto Body & Paint11293.41
Mark Borsuk Esq11257.08
Hanzel Auto Body Works111,066.74
Quikrete Northern California 110.18
Bennett'S Fixtures, Inc1191.69
Arrow Sign Company 1169.25
Norge Village 11537.74
Nor-Cal Metal Fabricators110.00
Style Center Cleaners 11933.56
Le Magic Cleaners 11559.87
Speedsters Coach Works116.07
Eller Media 1162.10
Broadway Volkswagen110.62
Fisher Berkeley Corporation110.00
Errol'S Auto Service112.57
Scotch Cleaners 11627.32
Oakland Spca110.00
Alpine Cleaners 11755.48
Bill & Bill'S Body Shop 1125.50
City Garage & Car Star 115.40
Pacific Electric Motor Company110.00
May Cleaners 11566.61
Bogin C/O Cambria Environmenta111.25
California Finest Body & Frame11138.32
May Cleaners11202.59
Safety Kleen Corporation C/O S111,518.00
Leonard R Foss Studios Inc1152.00
Pressure Cast Prods. Corp.110.01
Sea-Land Service1169.86
Dharma Enterprises 11289.34
Arco C/O Delta Environmental 111.02
Phoenix Autobody & Mechanics R112.51
Immaculate Auto Body & Custom1191.46
Chemical Compounding Company1115.70
Tri-City Cleaners113,357.60
Perfection Auto Body & Repair11104.54
J & J Auto Body & Repair11108.42
World Heart Inc11366.40
Fabco Automotive Corporation11124.48
Golden Empire Properties C/O C11394.01
Nestle Usa C/O Etic 115.10
Exxon Company Usa C/O Eri 113.38
M B Auto Body Fender 1117.40
Holiday Cleaners 11124.46
Sparkle Cleaners 11721.76
City Of Oakland Museum/Safety113.50
Retread Engineer'S Inc1197.96
Mary'S Cleaners 11344.01
Perkins Cleaners 11811.84
Thrifty 1hr Cleaners 11337.27
Best Body Shop113.81
Chau'S Auto Sport 1116.66